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Compare the cost of living in Boston, MA vs. San Francisco, CA and see how far your salary will go to maintain your standard of living. We help you decide by comparing all the largest costs ... San Francisco is a lot like Boston: We’ve both got tech industries, oceans, quinoa, and lots of electric cars with bumper stickers endorsing Democrats. But in San Francisco, the weather is ... Boston Vs San francisco Living Comparison. As per the data from our users average cost of living in Boston, Us is expensive/cheaper than San francisco, Us. Expenses for family in Boston is cheaper/expensive than San francisco, and for bachelor/students its affordable to Boston Vs San francisco.:-- 3.29% Accomodation Cost Boston vs San Francisco. Boston. San Francisco. Demographics Quality of living Environment Leisure Transportation General info. 71. points. Boston. 82. points. San Francisco. How does Boston compare to San Francisco? 25.83% lower population density Highlights - San Francisco is 0% more densely populated than Boston. - People are 26.4% more likely to be married in San Francisco. - The Median Age is 6.3 years older in San Francisco. Went to college + started my professional career in Boston, but am from northern CA and have lived in SF for the past year and a half. Here's my perspective: Boston > SF: - Sports fanaticism: I'm not saying that SF fans aren't enthusiastic, but ... Boston vs San Francisco. Boston. San Francisco. Démographie Qualité de vie Environnement Loisirs Transport Infos générales. 72. points. Boston. 84. points. San Francisco. Comment Boston s'en sort face à San Francisco? 25.83% plus faible densité de population Boston. Boston San Francisco Bay Area ... San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco Bay Area. Add another city. Match score. Based on your preferences. Sign up or log in to compare your personalized match scores. Full cost of living comparison of Boston, Massachusetts vs San Francisco, California. Prices and comparisons for the whole range of expenses: food, housing, going out, etc. Updated on Sep 2020. I'm going to go against the grain here, and vote that Boston has better food. For reference, I'm a Bay Area native and have spent an entire summer in San Francisco recently, but I have lived in Boston for most of the past four years. I will admit ...

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The Home of the Philadelphia Fusion. A community for news, discussion and excitement for black and orange in Season Three of the Overwatch League.

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2020.09.13 21:00 displacedindavis When 100 or more-loss teams played like champions: their biggest blowout win of the season

Baseball has produced more than its fair share of exceptionally bad teams, with losing 100 or more games basically being the pinnacle of suckitude. The thing about baseball is that it's really easy to have an off game, even if you're the best. Part of that is because of the volatility of the pitching rotation. Another reason is because of the 162-game schedule (usually).
And this means there have been times when even the worst of the worst looks like they're a champion for at least one game. Here we look back at each 100 or more loss team (the worst team(s) of the season if there wasn't one) and their biggest blowout win(s) of the season. I'll also be listing the winners and losers of each game. Maybe this will stir up nightmares or fond memories of certain guys past and present.
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2020.09.03 06:01 FrostFireFive Guardian #11 - Burning Down the House

Issue #11 - Burning Down the House
Written By: FrostFireFive
Edited By: Deadislandman1, Fortanono
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Arc: Rise of the Cyborg Superman
“It’s too bad Sapph couldn’t come out tonight,” Conner Kent said as he nursed a beer. “I mean, we are celebrating her project too.”
“What’s the matter, Kent?” Rex Mason said. “Don’t like the fact I’m her replacement tonight?”
“I mean…” Conner responded.
“Would you two shut up back there? I’m about to get a high score on Dig Dug and heaven help me if I don’t,” Gabby Gabrielli said to the two behind her. It was just another Saturday night at Grummett’s. It was supposed to be the four of them, but Sapphire’s father was in town and Simon Stagg always came first.
“I just figured we could all use a bit of a break,” Rex said. “Not my fault Sapphire gets dragged away on family business.”
“Yea,” Conner said. “What is going on with her and her dad? I heard his company got taken over by the guy with his own superhero think tank?”
“Yea something like that,” Rex responded. “All I know is that they aren’t exactly close. I’ve had a lot of nights where all we do is talk about her and her dad so if we could just focus on the girl’s Dig Dug game, that would be great.”
“Shit!” Gabby exclaimed as she slammed her hand against the space next to the joystick. “Bastard’s been eating my quarters all night, I finally get 100 points from beating the high score but the freakin’ rock kills my dude, ugh…” Gabby groaned before stepping away from the machine. “Did our food come?” she said trying to move away from her arcade failure.
“Yea,” Rex said. “Sitting right over by the corner booth. I still can’t believe you guys go to the only Chicago pizza place that sells San Francisco style pizza. Cheddar cheese, no deep dish in sight, you both suck.”
The three sat down to eat their food quickly, venting about finals and going home for the summer. For Rex, it meant going back to Boston to stay with his mother Ramona; for Gabby and Conner it meant staying in Chicago. Their new home was still ripe for exploration; besides, neither of them really had family. Guardian didn’t know the city as well, either. He had years of practice leaping between buildings in Metropolis, knowing which streets would be safe to run on without disturbing the flow of traffic. Here, he had to start fresh. It would be a summer of discovery.
“OK, maybe I was wrong about the pizza,” Rex said as he took a bite of his slice. “Still, next time we gotta get deep dish. Otherwise, why go to school in Chicago?”
“You think, Rex?” Gabby said, annoyed. “I only had one slice, one, you animal.”
“Maybe you should eat faster,” Conner said before finishing his final slice. “I swear, Rex, she eats any leftovers I bring back to the brownstone. It’s like I have to race home to get the last of my eggrolls.”
“Don’t be slow next time when coming home,” Gabby laughed. “Remember Conner, if you’re not fast...”
“You’re not a winner, yeah yeah,” He yawned a bit before looking at the Guinness clock on the wall of the bar: 12:00 am. “And as much as I’d like to keep arguing over pizza, I think it’s time for this guy to head home.”
“Yea, seems about right. I’m probably gonna hit the hay soon myself. Have a good night, guys!” Rex said before looking at Gabby, chuckling a bit at the two before walking back to his dorm hoping things would settle a bit, it wasn’t fun being a third wheel to two people who didn’t see what was obvious.

“So what classes are you thinking about taking next year?” Gabby asked as her and Conner slowly made their way back to the brownstone.
Conner lagged behind with his hands in his hoodie thinking about recent events. He had outed himself as a clone of Superman, and that came with a cost. It wasn’t hard for the local tabloids to ask a question that he was avoiding: If you’re part Superman, why aren’t you Superman? It nagged at him, he didn’t want to fill those boots, Clark made that clear, and Jon was doing a great job. But something that still nagged at him.
“You know it might be ironic for you, but Professor Grant is teaching journalism 101 and we both have a communication requirement,” she mused. “It might be fun.” She looked at Conner for a bit. Gabby could see a familiar look in his eyes, the type that led him to close off for a full year after Jim’s death. “Hey Conner, you ok?” she asked.
“Me?” Conner said, realizing that he was lost in thought again. “I’m fine, just been hectic lately. I mean, Dubby has been in Metropolis most days, Prime’s back in CADMUS custody, and the Bootleggers are pretty much kaput.”
“That’s not what I asked, Conner,” Gabby said. “I want to know how you’re doing. I could care less about what destructive threat is coming or taken care of. I care about you.”
“I’m… I’m not sure how I am, Gabs,” he responded. “I mean, I still miss them you know? And with Jon honoring Clark and doing a decent job I’m just afraid that… that...”
“You honor both of them, Conner,” she responded while moving her hand to hold his. They were in front of the brownstone now, finally home after a long day. “Even if you don’t feel like it, I know you do and that’s what’s important. I know because you’re important to...”
The brownstone exploded, fire and smoke coming out of the windows. The blast sent Conner and Gabby flying, Conner holding on to Gabby to protect her as he braced for impact. They landed hard on the side of a sports car, Conner absorbing most of the blast.
“Holy shit!” Gabby shouted as she groggly got up, her eyes focused on the flames engulfing their home. “What… what …*did* that?”
“I don’t know… but I’m going in,” Conner said before charging into the building in his street clothes of a grey hoodie and jeans. He quickly maneuvered though the burning building. He made sure he focused his tactile telekinesis on protecting himself, like he did with Sonar. The debris fell around him as lept, breaking the wooden floorboards into his room. Krypto was huddled in the corner, scared of the smoke. Conner quickly picked up the dog, grabbing his copy of To Kill a Mockingbird as he quickly exited the flaming building.
“Krypto!” Gabby said with relief as Conner handed her the dog and the book. “Conner, did you… did you *see* anything in there?
“No,” Conner said, “but I’m going back in. When the firemen come, listen to them. We’re going to get through this.”
He ran back into the building, the fire raging as he moved into the kitchen area.
“Dubbilex!” Conner called out, worried that the DNAlien had returned to the brownstone and caught in the blast.
“Conner!” the familiar monotone voice called out among the flames. Dubbilex was here… he always called Conner by his Kryptonian name rather than his human one. Something was clearly off.
“Where are you, Dubby?” Conner called out, beginning to push against the debris and trying to fan the smoke. The fire was slowly burning off his street clothes, revealing his Guardian suit underneath. Conner could see a figure among the smoke, but it wasn’t Dubbilex. The tattered cape fluttering among the flames made that perfectly clear, as did the glowing right eye. “Dubby?”
The figure burst through the flames and grabbed Conner by the throat, easily lifting him up. Conner could finally see what he was facing… and it was familiar. The corner eye and tuft was jet black hair was clearly that of Clark; the metal skull, however, was not.
“No,” the figure said. “But you do fall for old tricks.” His voice turned echoed Dubbilex’s voice before returning to the metallic coldness of his own. The figure slammed Conner hard into the smoldering floor several times, before tossing him into the kitchen. His street clothes were completely burnt off, leaving Guardian to face the figure who had attacked his home.
“Who the hell are you?” Guardian said. “And why the hell do you know about this place.”
The figure chuckled; it was a metallic sound, something clearly unnatural. “Who am I? I haven’t figured on a name quite yet. I guess we can keep it simple. Call me the Cyborg Superman.” He said before tapping the red and yellow S on his chest with his flesh hand, a golden ring on the ring finger. “And I’m here to end the House of El once and for all. They must pay for what he did to me.”
“Who did what to you?” Guardian said. “Big Blue is dead, I don’t think you need to take this out on me, big guy.”
Guardian charged at the cyborg hoping to take him out before he could continue damaging his home. Before he could even connect a hit the cyborg back handed him back into the kitchen. Whoever this guy was, he was stronger than Guardian, and more importantly, Conner was distracted by his emotions. He’d had enough of people pretending to be Clark at this point.
Guardian once again charged at the cyborg; he fell down, sliding on the floor and swept the cyborg off of his feet. He began striking the cyborg as he staggered on the ground, the flames raging around him. His fists connected with the metal, his gloves tearing as his own blood dripped on his knuckles. Before he could connect another punch, the cyborg moved his metal hand in front of Guardian’s punches and tightened his grip. Conner felt the metal wrap around his fists, the searing pain pushing him past his breaking point.
“Not bad, kid,” he said, before swiftly getting up and slamming Guardian against the wood floors, Splinters flew everywhere as the figure flung him through the ceiling and into the third floor above. “But you need to learn a few lessons. The first is, never let emotion get the best of you.” The cyborg flew up to meet Guardian on the third floor. “The second, what comes up... must always come down.” Cyborg Superman flew above the dazed Guardian before turning his metallic arm into an arm cannon.
The blast sent Guardian tumbling through the flames and the floors as he landed on the ground floor of the Brownstone again. The sirens outside blaring from the authorities as Guardian tried getting up before collapsing.
“I’ll give you this, Conner,” Cyborg Superman said. “You put up much more of a fight than I expected. So I will give you a choice; Abandon the House of El, leave me to my quest and let me eradicate them. I will spare your friends, even. But don’t get up, just lie there, and I promise you this will all be over soon. After all, this year you have proven to be my favorite student.”
“Doc…” Guardian muttered before looking at the figure in front of him.
A voice called out from behind him. “Yeah, he’s not going to be doing that.” A yellow energy beam flew out and struck the cyborg in his flesh shoulder.
“Ahh!” he called out, before turning around to see what hit him.
Gabby Gabrielli stood in front of him, with a golden gauntlet on her right wrist and golden helmet on her head matching her blue T-shirt. “Now get the hell away from him! Or I’ll aim for that little piece of flesh you got on your head!”
“Ah, Ms. Gabrielli,” the cyborg said as he clutched his shoulder. “Always protecting the boy, even when he doesn’t realize it. I won’t harm you; you’re an innocent after all. He has twenty-four hours to consider my deal. If he wants a fight, he can meet me at Navy Pier, but I’d hate to have to kill the one El I’ve grown fond of.”
Before Gabby could fire off another shot, Henshaw lept, breaking through the burning building and flying away. As much as Hank hated to admit it, the girl had surprised him. She wasn’t supposed to be a threat; instead, she was the only one to actually wound him in this new form. He would need time to heal before he could make good on his promise. He only hoped that Conner would have some sense in him and leave, before things got real messy.

“Ok, Conner,” Gabby said as she tried to lift him off of the floor as the fire continued to rage. “Time to get up, Dubbilex is coming with the jet and I’m not bringing him a crispy fired Guardian.”
“Ugh,” Conner moaned before looking at Gabby in her makeshift outfit. “What are you wearing? And what happened?”
“You got your ass kicked by Frankenstein’s Superman is what,” she said. “And, well… this is from Metropolis. I had to fill in for you during the whole rampaging spike-monster incident.” Gabby strained as she picked Conner up and slung his arm around her shoulders. “What even was that thing?”
“Henshaw,” he muttered as they maneuvered through the flames. The firemen outside were beginning to finally hit the blaze with their hoses hoping to contain it. “Blames Clark for something, must have… must have done that to himself to get revenge.”
“Holy shit,” she said. “You mean my astronomy professor burned down my house? I thought it was bad enough when he gave me a B-minus.” Gabby was trying to lighten the mood as they exited out the back door, but Conner didn’t respond. She had never seen someone beat Conner like this, and it scared her. If he couldn’t stop Henshaw, there was a real chance the House of El could become extinct. As they entered the alley, a jump jet was floating above them. They prepared to board, climbing up the ladder on the side. “So how are you going to beat him?”
“That’s the thing, Gabs,” Conner said. “I don’t think I can.”
NEXT: The Stunning Conclusion to Year One is here! Guardian vs. Cyborg Superman: Round 2!
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2020.08.29 04:47 not-moses How to Raise a Moral -- but not Religious -- Child

May I suggest the following based on input from the sourses listed at the bottom?
1) Within age-appropriate limits, encourage and allow the infant, toddler and pre-schooler to explore the world and come to his or her own conclusions about it. Limit just enough to show the very young child he is safe exploring, but not so much that he feels over-limited and frustrated. And never shame the child for making a mistake as learns by trial and error to self-correct.
2) When old enough (probably about 10), explain the difference between conditioned, in-doctrine-ated, instructed, socialized, habituated, normalized) and imprinted (neurally “hard-wired”) belief... vs. seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing what IS vs. what is NOT.
3) When in high school, teach him or her about the Consensus Trance and how it is used by religion to control the human mind already trained to believe rather than look to see, listen to hear, and feel to sense.
4) And demonstrate your own understanding of all that from the moment of conception.
If anyone has further ideas, I'm all eyes and ears. Vis the long list of sources, the mere titles of many of the books and articles will be self-explanitory.
Ackerman, N.: The Psychodynamics of Family Life: Diagnosis and Treatment of Family Relationships, New York: Basic Books, 1958.
Alpert, R.: Be Here Now, San Francisco: Lama Foundation, 1971.
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Zimbardo, P.: The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, New York: Random House, 2007.
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2020.08.22 08:07 ubbitz I just finished a 4 week cross-country Amtrak trip. Ask me anything!

I just finished a LONG cross-country journey on Amtrak. Feel free to ask about anything related. I can answer questions about the food, the rooms, Superliner vs. Viewliner, old sleepers vs. newer renovated sleepers, etc.
Here is the route I did:
Eugene to Seattle - 500 Cascades - Business Class
Seattle to Los Angeles - 11 Coast Starlight - Bedroom
Los Angeles to New Orleans - 2 Sunset Limited - Bedroom
New Orleans to Tampa - Fly
Tampa to Miami - Drive
Miami to New York - 98 Silver Meteor - Bedroom
New York to Portland Maine - 2154 Acela First Class & 685 Downeaster Business Class
Portland Maine to Boston - 694 Downeaster - Business Class
Boston to Chicago - 449 Lake Shore Limited - Bedroom
Chicago to Los Angeles - 3 Southwest Chief - Bedroom
Los Angeles to San Francisco - 14 Coast Starlight - Roomette
San Francisco to Chicago - 6 California Zephyr - Bedroom
Chicago to Seattle - 7 Empire Builder - Bedroom
Seattle to Eugene - 505 Cascades - Business Class
Here is a photo album of all the "Flex Dining" menu items
Here is a general photo albums of sleepers and showers etc.
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2020.08.20 21:04 OWMatchThreads OWL Predictions Thread -

How do you think this weekend's games will play out? You can leave a comment below and also visit our Predictions Website to make your predictions.
Vancouver Titans vs Boston Uprising Los Angeles Gladiators vs Florida Mayhem Hangzhou Spark vs Seoul Dynasty London Spitfire vs New York Excelsior Washington Justice vs San Francisco Shock Dallas Fuel vs Toronto Defiant Los Angeles Gladiators vs Atlanta Reign Los Angeles Valiant vs Vancouver Titans Seoul Dynasty vs London Spitfire Dallas Fuel vs Paris Eternal San Francisco Shock vs Atlanta Reign Los Angeles Valiant vs Los Angeles Gladiators


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2020.08.20 20:48 therealphoodie Every Division Champion (2010-2019)

AL East:
2010 - Tampa Bay Rays (96-66); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Rangers, 2-3
2011 - New York Yankees (97-65); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Tigers, 2-3
2012 - New York Yankees (95-67); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Tigers, 0-4
2013 - Boston Red Sox (97-65); Won in World Series vs. Cardinals, 4-2
2014 - Baltimore Orioles (96-66); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Royals, 0-4
2015 - Toronto Blue Jays (93-69); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Royals, 2-4
2016 - Boston Red Sox (93-69); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Indians, 0-3
2017 - Boston Red Sox (93-69); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Astros, 1-3
2018 - Boston Red Sox (108-54); Won in World Series vs. Dodgers, 4-1
2019 - New York Yankees (103-59); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Astros, 2-4
AL Central:
2010 - Minnesota Twins (94-68); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 0-3
2011 - Detroit Tigers (95-67); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Rangers, 2-4
2012 - Detroit Tigers (88-74); Lost in World Series vs. Giants, 0-4
2013 - Detroit Tigers (93-69); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Red Sox, 2-4
2014 - Detroit Tigers (90-72); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Orioles, 0-3
2015 - Kansas City Royals (95-67); Won in World Series vs. Mets, 4-1
2016 - Cleveland Indians (94-67); Lost in World Series vs. Cubs, 3-4
2017 - Cleveland Indians (102-60); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 2-3
2018 - Cleveland Indians (91-71); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Astros, 0-3
2019 - Minnesota Twins (101-61); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 0-3
AL West:
2010 - Texas Rangers (90-72); Lost in World Series vs. Giants, 1-4
2011 - Texas Rangers (96-66); Lost in World Series vs. Cardinals, 3-4
2012 - Oakland Athletics (94-68); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Tigers, 2-3
2013 - Oakland Athletics (96-66); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Tigers, 2-3
2014 - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (98-64); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Royals, 0-3
2015 - Texas Rangers (88-74); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Blue Jays, 2-3
2016 - Texas Rangers (95-67); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Blue Jays, 0-3
2017 - Houston Astros (101-61); Won in World Series vs. Dodgers, 4-3
2018 - Houston Astros (103-59); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Red Sox, 1-4
2019 - Houston Astros (107-55); Lost in World Series vs. Nationals, 3-4
NL East:
2010 - Philadelphia Phillies (97-65); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Giants, 2-4
2011 - Philadelphia Phillies (102-60); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 2-3
2012 - Washington Nationals (98-64); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 2-3
2013 - Atlanta Braves (96-66); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Dodgers, 1-3
2014 - Washington Nationals (96-66); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Giants, 1-3
2015 - New York Mets (90-72); Lost in World Series vs. Royals, 1-4
2016 - Washington Nationals (95-67); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Dodgers, 2-3
2017 - Washington Nationals (97-65); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cubs, 2-3
2018 - Atlanta Braves (90-72); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Dodgers, 1-3
2019 - Atlanta Braves (97-65); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 2-3
NL Central:
2010 - Cincinnati Reds (91-71); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Phillies, 0-3
2011 - Milwaukee Brewers (96-66); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Cardinals, 2-4
2012 - Cincinnati Reds (97-65); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Giants, 2-3
2013 - St. Louis Cardinals (97-65); Lost in World Series vs. Red Sox, 2-4
2014 - St. Louis Cardinals (90-72); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Giants, 1-4
2015 - St. Louis Cardinals (100-62); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cubs, 1-3
2016 - Chicago Cubs (103-58); Won in World Series vs. Indians, 4-3
2017 - Chicago Cubs (92-70); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Dodgers, 1-4
2018 - Milwaukee Brewers (96-67); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Dodgers, 3-4
2019 - St. Louis Cardinals (91-71); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Nationals, 0-4
NL West:
2010 - San Francisco Giants (92-70); Won in World Series vs. Rangers, 4-1
2011 - Arizona Diamondbacks (94-68); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Brewers, 2-3
2012 - San Francisco Giants (94-68); Won in World Series vs. Tigers, 4-0
2013 - Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Cardinals, 2-4
2014 - Los Angeles Dodgers (94-68); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 1-3
2015 - Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Mets, 2-3
2016 - Los Angeles Dodgers (91-71); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Cubs, 2-4
2017 - Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58); Lost in World Series vs. Astros, 3-4
2018 - Los Angeles Dodgers (92-71); Lost in World Series vs. Red Sox, 1-4
2019 - Los Angeles Dodgers (106-56); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Nationals, 2-3
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2020.08.20 20:17 therealphoodie Every Division Champion (2000-2009)

AL East:
2000 - New York Yankees (87-74); Won in World Series vs. Mets, 4-1
2001 - New York Yankees (95-65); Lost in World Series vs. Diamondbacks, 3-4
2002 - New York Yankees (103-58); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Angels, 1-3
2003 - New York Yankees (101-61); Lost in World Series vs. Marlins, 2-4
2004 - New York Yankees (101-61); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Red Sox, 3-4
2005 - New York Yankees (95-67); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Angels, 2-3
2006 - New York Yankees (97-65); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Tigers, 1-3
2007 - Boston Red Sox (96-66); Won in World Series vs. Rockies, 4-0
2008 - Tampa Bay Rays (97-65); Lost in World Series vs. Phillies, 1-4
2009 - New York Yankees (103-59); Won in World Series vs. Phillies, 4-2
AL Central:
2000 - Chicago White Sox (95-67); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Mariners, 0-3
2001 - Cleveland Indians (91-71); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Mariners, 2-3
2002 - Minnesota Twins (94-67); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Angels, 1-4
2003 - Minnesota Twins (90-72); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 1-3
2004 - Minnesota Twins (92-70); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 1-3
2005 - Chicago White Sox (99-63); Won in World Series vs. Astros, 4-0
2006 - Minnesota Twins (96-66); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Athletics, 0-3
2007 - Cleveland Indians (96-66); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Red Sox, 3-4
2008 - Chicago White Sox (89-74); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Rays, 1-3
2009 - Minnesota Twins (87-76); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 0-3
AL West:
2000 - Oakland Athletics (91-70); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Yankees, 2-3
2001 - Seattle Mariners (116-46); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Yankees, 1-4
2002 - Oakland Athletics (103-59); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Twins, 2-3
2003 - Oakland Athletics (96-66); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Red Sox, 2-3
2004 - Anaheim Angels (92-70); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Red Sox, 0-3
2005 - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (95-67); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. White Sox, 1-4
2006 - Oakland Athletics (93-69); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Tigers, 0-4
2007 - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (94-69); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Red Sox, 0-3
2008 - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (100-62); Lost in AL Division Series vs. Red Sox, 1-3
2009 - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (97-65); Lost in AL Championship Series vs. Yankees, 2-4
NL East:
2000 - Atlanta Braves (95-67); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 0-3
2001 - Atlanta Braves (88-74); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Diamondbacks, 1-4
2002 - Atlanta Braves (101-59); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Giants, 2-3
2003 - Atlanta Braves (101-61); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cubs, 2-3
2004 - Atlanta Braves (96-66); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Astros, 2-3
2005 - Atlanta Braves (90-72); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Astros, 1-3
2006 - New York Mets (97-65); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Cardinals, 3-4
2007 - Philadelphia Phillies (89-73); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Rockies, 0-3
2008 - Philadelphia Phillies (92-70); Won in World Series vs. Rays, 4-1
2009 - Philadelphia Phillies (93-69); Lost in World Series vs. Yankees, 2-4
NL Central:
2000 - St. Louis Cardinals (95-67); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Mets, 1-4
2001 - Houston Astros (93-69); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Braves, 0-3
2002 - St. Louis Cardinals (97-65); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Giants, 1-4
2003 - Chicago Cubs (88-74); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Marlins, 3-4
2004 - St. Louis Cardinals (105-57); Lost in World Series vs. Red Sox, 0-4
2005 - St. Louis Cardinals (100-62); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Astros, 2-4
2006 - St. Louis Cardinals (83-78); Won in World Series vs. Tigers, 4-1
2007 - Chicago Cubs (85-77); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Diamondbacks, 0-3
2008 - Chicago Cubs (97-64); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Dodgers, 0-3
2009 - St. Louis Cardinals (91-71); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Dodgers, 0-3
NL West:
2000 - San Francisco Giants (97-65); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Mets, 1-3
2001 - Arizona Diamondbacks (92-70); Won in World Series vs. Yankees, 4-3
2002 - Arizona Diamondbacks (98-64); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 0-3
2003 - San Francisco Giants (100-61); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Marlins, 1-3
2004 - Los Angeles Dodgers (93-69); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 1-3
2005 - San Diego Padres (82-80); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 0-3
2006 - San Diego Padres (88-74); Lost in NL Division Series vs. Cardinals, 1-3
2007 - Arizona Diamondbacks (90-72); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Rockies, 0-4
2008 - Los Angeles Dodgers (84-78); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Phillies, 1-4
2009 - Los Angeles Dodgers (95-67); Lost in NL Championship Series vs. Phillies, 1-4
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2020.08.18 21:28 therealphoodie Every MLB Team’s Most Recent Playoff Series Win (Including Wild Card Games)

Ordered Alphabetically by City/State:
Arizona Diamondbacks: 2017 National League Wild Card Game vs. Rockies
Atlanta Braves: 2001 National League Division Series vs. Astros
Baltimore Orioles: 2014 American League Division Series vs. Tigers
Boston Red Sox: 2018 World Series vs. Dodgers
Chicago Cubs: 2017 National League Division Series vs. Nationals
Chicago White Sox: 2005 World Series vs. Astros
Cincinnati Reds: 1995 National League Division Series vs. Dodgers
Cleveland Indians: 2016 American League Championship Series vs. Blue Jays
Colorado Rockies: 2018 National League Wild Card Game vs. Cubs
Detroit Tigers: 2013 American League Division Series vs. Athletics
Houston Astros: 2019 American League Championship Series vs. Yankees
Kansas City Royals: 2015 World Series vs. Mets
Los Angeles Angels: 2009 American League Division Series vs. Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers: 2018 National League Championship Series vs. Brewers
Miami Marlins: 2003 World Series vs. Yankees
Milwaukee Brewers: 2018 National League Division Series vs. Rockies
Minnesota Twins: 2002 American League Division Series vs. Athletics
New York Mets: 2015 National League Championship Series vs. Cubs
New York Yankees: 2019 American League Division Series vs. Twins
Oakland Athletics: 2006 American League Division Series vs. Twins
Philadelphia Phillies: 2010 National League Division Series vs. Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates: 2013 National League Wild Card Game vs. Reds
San Diego Padres: 1998 National League Championship Series vs. Braves
San Francisco Giants: 2016 National League Wild Card Game vs. Mets
Seattle Mariners: 2001 American League Division Series vs. Indians
St. Louis Cardinals: 2019 National League Division Series vs. Braves
Tampa Bay Rays: 2019 American League Wild Card Game vs. Athletics
Texas Rangers: 2011 American League Championship Series vs. Tigers
Toronto Blue Jays: 2016 American League Division Series vs. Rangers
Washington Nationals: 2019 World Series vs. Astros
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2020.08.18 08:36 BigFish1293 Stories for my Monsterverse (Phase 1)

Hello there!
The Monsterverse has been an interesting topic to discuss in the Godzilla/King Kong fandom. Whether you love it or hate it, we can all agree that the world-building and ideas have been the best seen in a long time. Some people have varying opinions on how they view the films: Some love King of the Monsters but hate G14. Others believe Kong to be the best of the trilogy but some think it's the weakest. I fall into the camp of disliking King of the Monsters but loving G14 and Kong. Every element of the Daikaiju world has been presented with some of the most creative storylines that could've been explored. In that camp, i've started writing my own stories for how i would handle my own Kaijuverse with several different monsters involved within it. This will follow some of the storylines from the Monsterverse, Reiwa and Heisei story's. This is my own project. I'll try going into detail about my planned four phases and onward of my Kaijuverse. If i had the time, i'd present the plot of mine in detail but i would rather save my time doing this.
I'd like everyone to be respectful. You can have your own opinions of this, but don't be rude. I'm open to suggestions and changes to this. Thanks guys. But i'd like to credit u/Thanos_Kun for the motivation to share this from his DCEU plotlines.
There are a total of four phases that i've mapped out and written. For the sake of this, lets imagine that these stories are in a world with limited time restraints, the rights to all Daikaiju and can go as far as they can with creativity. For example: King of the Monsters took place in 2019, while this version will be in 2017. There will be four major time period's this story would be put into. From ancient times, before Christ, to modern day then all the day to the distant future. The sections will be split: It will list the protagonist/main monster the antagonist, characters, history, events, etc. It will feature key scenes and will feature the end credit stinger.
2014 - Godzilla: Awakening
Protagonist - Godzilla
Antagonist - Femuto/Hokmuto
History - In 4000BC, after the great battle between Godzilla, Raiju, Dagon, etc against the menacing King Ghidorah, Raiju was weakened and dazed after the battle, retreating into the underworld to lick off her wounds. This left the female Gojira at a disadvantage when she came into an encounter with the Muto Prime who had seemingly died a long while ago. Defeated from this parasite, the Prime injected Raiju with two spores that grew in her stomach for the passing days. Raiju could only watch as the two spores in her stomach, fed on her dying body. In 1954, human settlements were discovered completely destroyed with the locals claiming a giant monster attack. The government, now having discovered this creature, fund the organization known as Monarch to study and kill his thing. Dr Ishiro Serizawa makes the play to use his experimental Oxygen Destroyer against Dagon, sacrificing himself but killing the beast and reducing it to a skeleton.
Plot - In 2014, the cryptozoolgy agency, Monarch have recruited Joe Brody to track and hunt down the first spore of the Muto Prime: The Hokmuto. They track the parasite until it makes it's way to Honolulu. Recently awakened due to a lust for nuclear energy and thirst for revenge for the beast and humanity, Godzilla rises and combats the Hokmuto, forcing it to retreat. Monarch soon discovers a third creature: The Femuto rising from the ground, trampling through Las Vegas and making it's way to San Francisco. The city is evacuated as Godzilla and the Mutos confront in a last battle in the ghost town. Joe Brody joins a skydiving team to bring a nuclear warhead away from the city and the Muto hive. As they retrieve it, Godzilla manages to regain his footing and release his atomic breath on the Femuto, destroying the hive and crippling her. He kills the Hokmuto with a devastating tail slap but buries him in return. Now the last survivor of the team, Joe Brody brings the warhead onto a boat but the Femuto catches up, staring him down. Godzilla unintentionally saves him, decapitating the Femuto and roaring as the King of the Monsters once more.
Note - I changed a few elements of the original film. I decided to swap the character deaths between Ford and Joe Brody as Bryan Chranston is too good of an actor to waste. Secondly, i wanted to give Godzilla extra motive to fight the Mutos as they're the offsprings of an old enemy from his past. Thirdly, i changed the opening of the film, making Godzilla's brother, Dagon be killed in the opening to give Godzilla a reason to become an antagonist to humanity. Finally, i'd give the film so more light to it, adding more personality to the characters.
1973 - Kong: Skull Island
Protagonist - Kong
Antagonist - The Whole Fucking Island
History - Decades before WW2 pilot, Hank Marlow crashed on Skull Island, the ecosystem on the island was made of thunder and war. It was an island left behind by god, meant to be forgotten. The Guardians of the island, the Kongs were thrust in a battle between the new invasive species known as the Skullcrawlers who wiped out almost all of the kind, leaving only two alive. The two lovers would fight in their home against the species, trading their lives as their son was born, fleeing further into the island...
Plot - Monarch scientists, Bill Randa and Houston Brooks convince the government to lead a military fleet towards Skull Island to determine the island's subsurface. After arriving on the hellish battlegrounds, they're confronted by the mighty juvenile Kong who destroys the fleet, leaving them stranded and split into two separate groups. Both teams have three days to make it off when a supply team arrives. The teams fight the hundreds of colossal titans inhabiting the island but when their numbers dwindle, James Conrad's group encounter the initially hostile Iwi tribe, joined by Hank Marlow who tells them of his story and the island's history. They are able to rebuilt a boat to navigate the island, joining Colonel Packard near the home of Kong's parents, now reduced to bones and a graveyard. Ignoring Hank's warnings, they face off against a Skullcrawler, killing it but with heavy losses. After a short argument, Packard sets up napalm and explosives at a lake, drawing Kong to the location where the napalm burns the oxygen out of the air, passing him out. When Conrad, Mason Weaver and Marlow try to stop Packard, the trouble awakens Ramarak, the King Skullcrawler. Kong wakes up, kills Packard before engaging Ramarak to avenge his kind and protect the humans. He tears the innards out of the creature, allowing the humans to leave the island.
Note - As you can see, i didn't change much. I kept the main plot relatively the same and the only changes i made were making Kong a more powerful creature for his size and making the island far more deadly.
2017 - Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters
Protagonist - Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan
Antagonist - King Ghidorah
History - Thousands of years ago in the midst of a primal civil war, a comet struck down on the planet and what emerged was the world destroying, King Ghidorah. After causing mass destruction across the planet, he was drawn to Antarctica by early humans where he did battle against Dagon, Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Methuselah, Behemoth and others. He was sealed in ice at the cost of many lives both man and monster as Godzilla was crowned as the savior of earth and the King of the Monsters!
Plot - Now having discovered ancient paintings, depicting a series of new life on the planet, Emma Russell is called down to Outpost 61 to investigate Mothra, who is guided to a waterfall to cocoon herself. Mark Russell, in attempts to track down the final creature, Rodan, he is interrupted when Castle Bravo is suspiciously investigated by Godzilla. Dr Miki Saegusa, speculates that he is after something, finding out that his next course is towards Antarctica, the site of Monster Zero. Upon arrival, the still in construction outpost breaks open as Monster Zero escapes due to climate change until Godzilla arrives. The old rivals clash, ending with Godzilla falling down an ice shaft as Monster Zero escapes. After the battle, onboard the Argo, Miki Saegusa is able to determine from ancient text and paintings that Monster Zero, now named Ghidorah is an alien and Godzilla's nemesis. As they discuss, in Mexico, Rodan explodes from his volcano and ravages the town below before Godzilla attacks and the two fight to a stalemate when Ghidorah arrives, defeating both of them. Rodan escapes while Godzilla stands for the last time against Ghidorah, who pummels him and drops him from the stratosphere into the sea. King Ghidorah awakens the Kaiju around the world while Mothra, now in her imago stage heads off to Castle Bravo. She encounters Rodan mid-flight before King Ghidorah swoops in, presumably killing Rodan and forcing Mothra to retreat. Mothra alerts Castle Bravo of Godzilla's survival as the military heads off with her to Washington DC. Godzilla manages to recover after destroying a nuclear power plant. The mission to Washington fails as King Ghidorah goes to his next target, Boston, the same place Emma has retreated to. King Ghidorah soon arrives, causing mayhem and every civilian to flee and find shelter. Mothra arrives, buying the humans enough time to escape and find shelter. But Godzilla arrives when Mothra is pinned. The King has returned. He engages in a final battle with King Ghidorah with Monarch arriving to retrieve any civilians and Emma. Mark and G-Force head to the grounds and find Emma as they attempt to flee from the chaos. King Ghidorah is still too powerful but the extra resistance is found when Rodan, discovered to be alive returns and joins Godzilla and Mothra. But in a last attack, King Ghidorah channels the energy from his storms, emitting several bolts of gravity beams from his wings, knocking out Rodan and crippling Godzilla. Mothra saves Godzilla when Ghidorah unleashes his frontal beams towards him, incinerating Mothra. With humanity lost, Mothra's ashes rain on Godzilla. Monarch makes the choice to use the Argo against Ghidorah, luring him away long enough for Godzilla to get back on his feet. He tears into Ghidorah with his regurgitated power but is tangled in Ghidorah's tails which began to lift him into the sky. Rodan follows, trying to stop it. Godzilla uses a crimson nuclear pulse to knock Ghidorah off, sending Godzilla and Rodan into the sea as Ghidorah retreats into space. Godzilla returns to shore with Rodan to mourn their lost friend, but several Kaiju come to bow to Rodan and the rebirthed King: Godzilla! After the events of the flick are done, we see a mysterious man retrieving one of Ghidorah's lost heads...
Notes - I changed a lot with this one. Burning Godzilla was added way too early into the original Monsterverse so i removed him. I made Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan more powerful in this version, completely removed the eco-terrorists and the Orca, trading it for a scenario of just mother-nature releasing these ancient beasts. I removed Madison, because i felt the story for my pitch would've worked better without her. Finally, Ghidorah doesn't die as i wanted him to return for a future installment in his original form...
2018 - Godzilla vs Kong
Protagonist - Kong
Antagonist - Godzilla
History - Thousands of years ago. Kratos, the ruler of the Kaiju and father of Godzilla and Dagon and the mate of Raiju, engaged in a war on Skull Island to put the new arrivals of the Kong's in their place. In response to turn the tide in the war between Kaiju and Kong's, the Iwi tribe built a supernatural battle axe in their kingdom, built with the use of advanced metal and dna of other Kaiju, splicing it into a two-sided axe. However, it was destroyed and never found as Kratos called off his forces and nearly burned Skull Island to the ground...
Plot - A year prior, King Ghidorah released his alpha call that disrupted the order and awakened the Kaiju on Earth, leading Kong to lead the charge to defend his island. In present day, some Kaiju have been killed off by the government, forcing Godzilla to take action and eliminate who he believes is the true threat to the planet. In response, a man by the name Jonah Alan, leading his APEX biotech corporation to draw Godzilla to Skull Island using an Orca device to hopefully fall to the mighty Kong. The conjoined organizations travel to the abandoned island, learning that the ape god went on a rampage, killing all Kaiju who came to his land. Monarch and Apex explore the Hollow Earth sub tunnels, finding several ancient ruins and the battle axe before being attacked by the serpent, Nozuki. It is killed by Kong as Apex retreats, leaving Mark Russell and others stranded. They burrow out of the Hollow Earth as the Orca is activated, driving Godzilla to the island who fights Kong. A move pulled is where Godzilla's atomic breath hits the core of Kong's axe, causing a massive electrical explosion of orange lightning. But it ends in a stalemate when Serizawa's forces arrive, forcing Godzilla away. The unconscious Kong is protected by Monarch's security as he heals while some try and discover the head base for Apex and to destroy the Orca. Some believe they need to destroy Godzilla, others not so. Kong wakes up and shares a moment with Miki before leaving to the Hollow Earth. Monarch is able to discover Apex's base in China after tracking the signals let out by the Orca, drawing Godzilla to destroy several human settlements and sets out to deactivate it. In Hong Kong, the military use the Japanese aircraft, the Super X3 to engage Godzilla who goes after the city. Kong burrows out of the ground and fights Godzilla. Monarch infiltrates the Apex facility and rig several explosive charges. Jonah however arrives with several mercenaries but Emma activates the charges, destroying the facility, the Orca and presumably Jonah. In the midst of the fight, Godzilla pins Kong to the ground and is about to deliver the final blow. But Kong conducts the energy built in his axe, discharging it into his blows and pushes Godzilla off as lightning courses through his veins. The rage he has built up for decades is paying off. Kong stands on top, grabs his axe and is ready to finish this. But even then, he can't muster the energy to do it. He instead begins to walk away, allowing Godzilla to stand. The two share a scene, showing respect for each other, now realizing they can't defend the planet without each other...
Notes - Pitchforks down. I know you may be mad that i had Kong win in the end, but it was an arc i was building through his two films. A beast born in war that soon becomes one of the most powerful forces in nature to then gaining the respect of an old inter-species rival. I also added the Orca and Jonah to this as i felt that they'd fit more in this film than in KOTM. I also removed the leaked main antagonist for GVK as he is unneeded and a solo battle works better than a team-up. Also, i think a more antagonistic Godzilla is far more interesting.
2019 - Rodan: The Fire Demon
Protagonist - The Rodans
Antagonist - Hedorah, Gyaos
History - In 200BC. A beast created by the failures of humanity's past, a bio-creature by the name, Hedorah molded into a singular entity and tore into the natural world, spreading it's toxic ashes across the planet. Dagon confronted the creature, subduing it and burying it inside a mountain where legends would be told of the great battle between these two leviathans..
Plot - A group of citizens have now began an observatory tour in Fiji by Monarch towards a volcano housing Rodan. Several school kids, discover a passage into the dormant volcano, finding several cave paintings, telling of several old gods, including one in Japanese text that they call: クトゥルフ. The kids are found by Monarch agents and are left down to a young boy and eighteen year old girl. The girl is leaving the town to find a job, saying goodbye to the boy, who receives several visions and voices in his head, finding out that somehow, the original female 2017 Rodan has become linked to the revealed telepathic boy. The orphan girl finds a job by Jonah Alan, working to apply Kaiju Whisperers who can communicate with the Kaiju. Houston Brooks finds out that there was a second Rodan, this one is instead male and has broken out of containment after the emergency of several dragon/bat-like creatures. Jonah Alan rigs several explosives underneath Rodan's volcano after she emerges to defend the orphan boy and mate from the massive bats. As the battle rages on, the military attack both the bats and the Rodan's. After defeating them, they flee to New Zealand to mate and rest. Jonah activates the explosives, awakening his prize, the God of Pollution, Hedorah. Hedorah absorbs the landmass around him and does battle with Monarch, deploying the Argo to fight it, but it does nothing, instead it's missiles are absorbed. The Rodans arrive and do battle. The male is killed in the fight but the female is able to defeat Hedorah, subduing it to mist as it supposedly fades away. We receive word from Brooks that Godzilla remains in hibernation but Mothra's discovered child is due to awaken.
Notes - Rodan is my third favorite Kaiju behind Godzilla and Kong and i wanted to make his film special. You may have noticed the mention of クトゥルフ, but translate the name into english and you'll find out it's meaning :). I wanted to introduce more supernatural elements, adding the addition of Jonah Alan and his mission to awaken dormant creatures to eliminate humanity and to recruite the monster telepaths, the Kaiju Whisperers.
2020 - Mothra: Queen of the Monsters
Protagonist - Mothra
Antagonist - Battra, Kumonga
History - After the long battle against Ghidorah in 4000BC, Mothra in her dying moments, has laid two eggs. One black, one white. They're both retrieved by Godzilla who brings them to a temple in China to become the next generation of Mothra. But little does he know, one of them is not as it seems.
Plot - Miki Saegusa travels to the now collapsed Outpost 61, which has mysteriously been burrowed into an underground cavern. She leads a team of G-Force to head inside and investigate what lies beneath this surface. They discover that they're not allow as several colonies of spiders attack, killing off several troopers but flee into the caves when something emerges. Mothra. As she investigates the scene, a mysterious centipede like larval creature, bigger than her attacks. Mothra is buried but cocoons herself as the enemy larval leaves. Through several ruins, Miki finds out that this was Battra, a rare dark foil to Mothra with a chance to be born through every Mothra. The son of Gunpai Ikari, Shen, sets up several defense systems and turrets to defend Mothra from the spiders. Now alerted of the incident, the government gets involved, sending ground teams to location. Investigating furthur in the caverns leads the group to discover that millions of years ago, the lovecraftian Ancient Ones invaded Earth, lead by their lumbering winged god but it ended when the god had been sealed beneath the surface. Battra emerges from the ground in it's new imago stage, heading to several settlements of humans to eliminate them. As this happens, Miki and her scientists witness something. The other survivor of the old war, Kumonga rises with it's colony. Mothra awakens too to do battle with the military against them. After Monarch eliminates Kumonga, Mothra and Battra's fight ends in the Hollow Earth where Battra sinks down further into the depths of the earth while Mothra is buried in the collapsing cavern. After these events, Miki and Shen take one final trip into the cavern, discovering a sub-system leading into a more tropical environment of harsh forests, inhabitated by several Kaiju, notably the Forest God, Kamacuras. As they look forward, Miki smiles as Mothra appears, hovering towards them...
Notes - I wanted to make this Mothra film more adventurous like the Kong films. I spent much of my time on this, trying to world-build and give a sense of what the Hollow Earth would be seen as. In GVK, it's section would be viewed as a firey world of tragic pasts, while her it would be seen as a paradise for the Kaiju. As you can see, i'm wanting to give the more forgotten creatures like Kumonga and Kamacuras more time to shine in this, making them true forces to be recognized.
2021 - Godzilla 3: King of the Earth
Protagonist - Godzilla, Behemoth, Anguirus, Mothra, Rodan, King Caesar
Antagonist - Mechagodzilla, Spacegodzilla, Monster X, Gigan
History - 4,000 Years Ago, during the great civil war between Kratos and his two sons, Godzilla and Dagon, King Ghidorah came down like a comet and confronted Kratos. He overpowered the old king, tossing the lost creature into space to be left to die. But that never occured. 2,000 Years later, humanity began to exploit resources in the Hollow Earth and in order to take back their planet, they built a Mechagodzilla using the most advanced tech on the planet, nanometal. However, Mechagodzilla was discovered as it was preparing to launch by Godzilla who caused the entire underground central to collapse in on itself as the mech failed to activate after being buried, now lost in time...
Plot - A few years after the Kaiju have been released, the world has not gotten better for the human race. G-Force have now become the Global Defense Force, tasked in protecting humanity against Kaiju. Unknown to them, APEX lives as they have discovered the buried Mechagodzilla and weaponized it with Ghidorah's brain. The GDF invade the facility but it's too late and the mech is unleashed, delivering carnage across a city, including an attack on Melbourne to Anguirus and King Caesar. Across the continents in Arizona, Gigan has found Earth and is being tracked by national forces as he engages Mothra and Rodan in battle, killing the Fire Demon as the Queen retreats. With two powerful forces on the horizon, they along with the newly awakened Godzilla, Anguirus, King Caesar and Behemoth converge towards a hyper-frequency soundwaves being detected and another comet entering the atmosphere. This appears to be another lifeform, now revealed to be the undiscovered Spacegodzilla. Having sent Gigan, he goes on a rampage, killing Behemoth but Monarch uses a more advanced Orca device that controls the brain inside Mechagodzilla. It causes the creature to freak out, breaking through the interior as several heads and tormented wings burst out of Mechagodzilla. They control the beast against Spacegodzilla but fails as Mechagodzilla is destroyed and Spacegodzilla nearly kills Godzilla, gaining full control as the new King of Earth. Monarch takes several blood samples of Spacegodzilla, finding out he is actually Godzilla's father having been tossed into space by King Ghidorah long ago and that Gigan is an ally of this old space terror. They discover that Godzilla is still alive but has retreated to an underwater sea lair to heal. Serizawa sacrifices himself after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, using a nuclear bomb to revive Godzilla. This act of kindness changes Godzilla's alliance with humanity, siding with them and heading off to finish the civil war with his father. The GDF are able to pinpoint an Arctic sanctuary of Apex and head off to destroy it. When they arrive, they find out it was a trap as they've been using organs of Ghidorah's partially regenerated corpse to create a new creature, Monster X. Mothra arrives now in a more evolved form and attacks Monster X as Monarch uses a dimensional tide weapon found in the sanctuary to send Monster X through a mysterious wormhole that disappears behind them. As this all happens, in Los Angeles, Monarch, Godzilla, Anguirus, King Caesar, Methuselah, Scylla and Leviathan engage Spacegodzilla and Gigan. With heavy losses of life including Gigan, Godzilla takes his fight with Kratos into the sea where they battle offradar and offscreen. Days later as shifts and earthquakes rattle the planet, Godzilla emerges with one of Spacegodzilla's shoulder crystals in hand before marching ashore on Skull Island where his wounds are healed by Mothra. After these events have occurred, it is revealed that Spacegodzilla lives but now buried and paralyzed in the core of an underwater volcanic shaft...
Notes: This was a lot to pack in. At first i wanted this to be Godzilla and Kong's big team-up story but i'm saving that for a much bigger and grander event. It's a little crammed but eh.
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2020.08.15 20:30 OWMatchThreads Overwatch League 2020 Season - Regular Season: Week 28

Overwatch League 2020 Season

Regular Season: Week 28

Streams Reddit-stream
Tournament Overwatch League 2020 Season
Predictions Predictions Website


Time Team 1 Team 2 Match Page
19:00 Atlanta Reign 2-3 Paris Eternal - Match Post Match
21:00 Vancouver Titans 0-3 Dallas Fuel - Match Post Match
23:00 Boston Uprising 0-3 Los Angeles Gladiators - Match Post Match
01:00 San Francisco Shock 0-3 Philadelphia Fusion - Match Post Match
If there's a problem with the match thread, ping u/Watchful1 in the comments
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2020.08.13 21:00 OWMatchThreads OWL Predictions Thread -

How do you think this weekend's games will play out? You can leave a comment below and also visit our Predictions Website to make your predictions.
London Spitfire vs Seoul Dynasty Florida Mayhem vs Vancouver Titans Los Angeles Gladiators vs Dallas Fuel Shanghai Dragons vs London Spitfire New York Excelsior vs Seoul Dynasty Atlanta Reign vs Paris Eternal Vancouver Titans vs Dallas Fuel Boston Uprising vs Los Angeles Gladiators San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion Seoul Dynasty vs London Spitfire San Francisco Shock vs Toronto Defiant Florida Mayhem vs Los Angeles Valiant Vancouver Titans vs Atlanta Reign


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2020.08.11 02:33 INFJ_dreamer INFJS of reddit: which city would you rather live and why?

Which city do you believe is a better fit for an INFJ considering these options:
Seattle vs San Francisco vs San Diego vs Boston vs New York vs Chicago (rank in order of preference)
What criteria do you look for in a city? Are there any of the above cities that you absolutely could not live in?
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2020.07.30 20:30 thatssobranson [S] Branson's Survivor: David vs. Goliath

The greatest social experiment on television is back with a modern take on one of the most intriguing match-ups of all time. The David tribe, 10 strangers who share one thing in common: overcoming obstacles. They have spent their lives battling adversity and are always the underdog. They'll take on the Goliath tribe, 10 strangers who also share one thing in common: winning. They have spent their lives capitalizing on their assets and are always considered the favorite. Which traits will prove most useful in this cunning game of social politics? For the next 39 days, they'll be abandoned in the islands of Fiji. They must learnt to adapt or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. This is Branson's Survivor: David vs. Goliath!
Previous Seasons


David Tribe
Goliath Tribe
39 days, 20 people, one SURVIVOR!
Branson's Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Crazy season! Idols were being played left and right, a sad medical evacuation, and two wild rock draws! Purple Rita was the first boot of the season, she was invisible the whole episode until her name was written down and I wish she was able to stick around longer. Jimmy found the first hidden immunity idol of the season and Cyan was the first Goliath to leave the game. Dianna left her alliance and was voted out in a 8-1. The majority Goliath alliance split their vote which led to a blindside against Kiki in a 4-3-2 vote. A twist in the game added a tribe tribe and Sync was exiled and joined the losing tribe. Candy and Mike found the idols on their beaches and Caleb got swap screwed onto a David majority tribe. Candy made one of the biggest moves of the season when she played her idol and voted for the only other David on her tribe, Annika. Jabeni went back to tribal council and Murdoch tried to make a move of his own by going against Quentin on a rock draw and lost. Woman Woman won the first individual immunity and Tac became the first member of the jury. A shocking injury sent Mike home with an idol in his pocket. Robbed! The individual immunity curse put a target on Woman Woman and Candy's back and they were voted out. Jimmy saved himself and idoled out one of the biggest names in the game, Sync! He got what was coming for him when Quentin played her idol on Josh and sent Jimmy home. Out of no where, Kyle found the idol and blindsided Taylor! It was 3 Davids vs. 3 Goliaths in the finale and one of the craziest episodes in Branson's Survivor history. A 2-2-1-1 and another time on the revote led to a rock draw between Eli, Quentin, and Thabo! Eli played his idol but didn't need to when Josh was voted out. Quentin saved herself by winning the last two individual immunities and Sally was sent home by Kyle in the fire making challenge. I thought this was a very strong top three and it could've went to anyone. In the end, Eli was named Soul Survivor in a 5-3-2 vote with Sally being crowned the Fan Favorite. Thank you everyone for another great season and congratulations, u/wordonthestreet2!
Stay tuned and find out which four iconic castaways will make a return on the next season of Branson's Survivor: Edge of Extinction!
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2020.07.28 03:28 Equus08 B.A. in English, do I look at MA vs. MFA vs. start with a certificate in ID?

I'm 26 years old with a BA in English Literature and have been considering going back to school for ID for quite some time now. I have some experience in graphic design/web design but, for the past 4.5 years, I've been working in content marketing/SEO/copywriting and am currently a freelance writer and marketing consultant. I know I'll be taking a pay cut if I become an interior designer, at least initially, but feel that it'd be worth it for me since I'm pretty burnt out on writing and have realized it's not the career path I want to continue down. Meanwhile, I've had so much fun helping family and friends renovate their homes and have played around a good amount in SketchUp. I know I have a good eye and I'm not afraid to put in the work learning all of the technicalities, software, and elements of engineering that go into ID.
So: I'm wondering how best to get started. I know that a degree is important, preferably with a CIDA accredited program. I'm living in the Boston area and would prefer not to relocate (or at least not for another year or two). An online program would be ideal so that I can continue freelance writing work in my spare time to pay the rent, but I'm open to in-person programs in my area. Since I already have a BA, I'm really only looking at MA and MFA or MAIA options.
SCAD's online MA program, which is only 45 credits, looks pretty ideal but also sounds like it's geared towards individuals with substantial prior design experience. The MFA would be great, but it's in-person only (and neither of SCAD's programs are CIDA accredited). I also looked at the Academy of Art San Francisco online MFA (which somehow is CIDA accredited) but am skeptical about the for-profit business model and have seen a few not-so-great reviews. RISD has some great IA programs that would be plenty close enough for me to commute to but aren't CIDA accredited and seem tough to get into without prior experience.
So, basically, I'm wondering if I'd be better off starting with an online certificate program - such as the one offered by NYIAD - and using that as a jumping off point to a future MA or MFA. Or is that a waste of money, and do I mostly consider in-person MFA programs in the Boston area, such as Suffolk or BAC's? Do I just try to get into SCAD's MA program despite my lack of real-world design experience? I know I can put together a decent portfolio of drawings and digital renderings, but my resume is a different story (though I did take one architecture course during undergrad). I know an internship would be a good option, but doesn't seem likely at the moment with Covid continuing on.
Appreciate all your help and insight in advance!
TL/DR: I'm 26 with an English degree and am trying to figure out where to start in ID without relocating from Boston: Do I try to get into the online M.A. program at SCAD vs. in-person M.F.A. program near Boston vs. start with an online certificate program and wait til post-Covid to apply to M.A. or M.F.A.? Do I even bother applying to RISD without having much prior design experience? How important is CIDA accreditation with an M.A. or M.F.A.?
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2020.07.25 19:30 OWMatchThreads Overwatch League 2020 Season - Regular Season: Week 25

Overwatch League 2020 Season

Regular Season: Week 25

Streams Reddit-stream
Tournament Overwatch League 2020 Season
Predictions Predictions Website


Time Team 1 Team 2 Match Page
19:00 San Francisco Shock 3-0 Vancouver Titans - Match Post Match
21:00 Florida Mayhem 3-0 Washington Justice - Match Post Match
22:00 Boston Uprising 1-3 Dallas Fuel - Match Post Match
00:30 Philadelphia Fusion 3-2 Los Angeles Gladiators - Match Post Match
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2020.07.24 20:57 OWMatchThreads Overwatch League 2020 Season - Regular Season: Week 25

Overwatch League 2020 Season

Regular Season: Week 25

Streams Reddit-stream
Tournament Overwatch League 2020 Season
Predictions Predictions Website


Time Team 1 Team 2 Match Page
19:00 Atlanta Reign 3-1 Boston Uprising - Match Post Match
21:00 Florida Mayhem 1-3 San Francisco Shock - Match Post Match
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2020.07.23 21:04 OWMatchThreads OWL Predictions Thread -

How do you think this weekend's games will play out? You can leave a comment below and also visit our Predictions Website to make your predictions.
Atlanta Reign vs Boston Uprising Florida Mayhem vs San Francisco Shock Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu Hunters Shanghai Dragons vs London Spitfire New York Excelsior vs Guangzhou Charge San Francisco Shock vs Vancouver Titans Florida Mayhem vs Washington Justice Boston Uprising vs Dallas Fuel Philadelphia Fusion vs Los Angeles Gladiators Chengdu Hunters vs Hangzhou Spark Shanghai Dragons vs Seoul Dynasty Los Angeles Gladiators vs Paris Eternal Toronto Defiant vs Philadelphia Fusion Washington Justice vs Houston Outlaws


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2020.07.22 02:31 stepup2624 SUPER GENJI POV ● San Francisco Shock Vs Boston Uprising

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2020.07.19 01:01 OWMatchThreads San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising Overwatch League 2020 Season Regular Season: Week 24 Post-Match Discussion

Overwatch League 2020 Season

Team 1 Score Team 2
San Francisco Shock 3-0 Boston Uprising
Winner Oasis
Winner Hanamura
Winner Route 66

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2020.07.18 23:20 NRGModerators [OW] Match Thread: Overwatch League Season 3 - Match #19 (San Francisco Shock vs. Boston Uprising)

Overwatch League Season 3 Week 24


This is /NRG_Esports official discussion thread for San Francisco Shock vs. Boston Uprising! Please use this thread for everything related to the match--discussions, predictions, and opinions. As always, please keep both /NRG_Esports's rules and Reddit's site-wide rules in mind when commenting.

Informational Liquipedia Page

Streams: OWL Website, YouTube


The match is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM EDT.


San Francisco Shock Boston Uprising
Matthew "super" DeLisi TaeHee "Jerry" Min
Grant “moth” Espe Michael "mikeyy" Konicki
Hyobin “Choihyobin” Choi Leyton "punk" Gilchrist
Myeong “Smurf” Yoo Kobe "Halo" Hamand
DongJun “Rascal” Kim Kelsey "ColourHex" Birse
Minki “Viol2t” Park Sang-min "Myunb0ng" Seo
NamJu “Striker” Gwon
Seonchang “ANS” Lee
Juseok "Twilight" Lee

Recap: Shock win the match 3-0!

Map 1 - Control Oasis: Shock win 2-0!
Map 2 - Hybrid Hanamura: Shock win 3-2!
Map 3 - Assault Route 66: Shock win 3-0!

Official /NRG_Esports Discord Chat

Official /NRG_Esports Twitter

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Boston Brute Squad vs San Francisco Fury -- Women's Semi 2019 National Championships Tecmo Baseball (Nintendo) - San Francisco vs Boston San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising  Week 24  NA Day ... Boston Red Sox vs San Francisco Giants - YouTube 1964 NBA Finals - Game 4 - Boston Celtics at San Francisco Warriors (2nd Half) Akshon Highlights  San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising  Week 24  NA Day 2

Boston, Massachusetts is 15% cheaper than San Francisco ...

  1. Boston Brute Squad vs San Francisco Fury -- Women's Semi 2019 National Championships
  2. Tecmo Baseball (Nintendo) - San Francisco vs Boston
  3. San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising Week 24 NA Day ...
  4. Boston Red Sox vs San Francisco Giants - YouTube
  5. 1964 NBA Finals - Game 4 - Boston Celtics at San Francisco Warriors (2nd Half)
  6. Akshon Highlights San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising Week 24 NA Day 2
  7. Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock Overwatch League Highlights OWL Week 2 Day 4

This is Tecmo baseball for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Please be sure to Rate,Comment,Share, & Subscribe! Thanks for Watching! Facebook: https://... The three days of matches feature the Guangzhou Charge, Seoul Dynasty, Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, New York Excelsior, London Spitfire, Washington Justice, San Francisco Shock, Vancouver ... Watch as Max Kepler hits his 4th and 5th straight home runs off of Trevor Bauer in 2019! by Minnesota Twins Join us for the 2020 Overwatch League season: Schedule: Week 24 of the 2020 Overwatch League season is live on Jul... Watch Boston Brute Squad take on San Francisco Fury in the women's semifinal at the 2019 National Championships in San Diego, CA. This game originally aired on ESPN 3 and the ESPN app on Saturday ... The second half of game 4 of the 1964 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the San Francisco Warriors. Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell. With thanks to the NBA and SNI for the use of their ... This Overwatch gameplay highlights the Boston Uprising versus the San Francisco Shock from the Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1. DreamKazper and the rest of the team will represent Boston in the ...