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Lorsque vous le consultez, Muka Surat Cinta Online Dating un site Internet peut stocker Muka Surat Cinta Online Dating ou récupérer des informations sur votre navigateur, principalement sous forme de cookies. Ces informations peuvent concerner vous-même, vos préférences ou votre appareil. Nous mettons à votre disposition un outil simple Muka Surat Cinta Online Dating ci-dessous pour les ... August 7, 2015 – Iyabo Ojo Dating Muka Ray Eyiwunmi Secretly, Cancels Upcoming Wedding Beautiful Nollywood address Iyabo Ojo has suddenly cancelled her upcoming wedding. Recall that the beautiful mother of two told Gold Myne TV in a recent interview that she will be getting married soon. The story became viral when publicized excerpts from […] Founder, leading matchmaker and dating coach at since 2008; Founder and Director at since 2008; Best Matchmaker by iDate Awards' 2016; The Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Euro Dating Awards; Founder of the Premium Festival for women; The main cupid at the first professional portal about relationship ... Chat Online in Muka Chat online with singles. Have you ever thought how easy it is to meet people in Muka? Chat online with the prettiest women and the most handsome men. On Sentimente you find both men and women in Muka. Want to find your soulmate? Chat online and dating in your own city. Sign up to get access to the Sentimente community! Mini Muka (born: March 23, 1997 [age 23]), is an English YouTuber known for his gaming videos, particularly featuring Minecraft.He is also known for his comedy videos, where he does things like try American candy and hosting Discord events with JackSucksAtLife.. His YouTube channel was created in June of 2014. He regularly livestreams on twitch at, where he has over 6k ... Monster Skills for “Muka” ... Our item database contains items that are separated based on episodes dating back to episode 2. Monster Database. Our monster database contains monsters and their spawns (with map locations) that are separated based on episodes dating back to episode 2. Sept 21, 2014 – Iyabo Ojo Denies She’s dating Muka Ray, Says New Husband Is ‘Wealthy’ In this recent chat with Nollywood actress and film producer, Iyabo Ojo, the actress opened up on the rumoured romance between her and actor Muka Ray Eyiwunmi. Iyabo Ojo said the story is the work of rumour mongers. The […] Earlier, magistrate Lia noted for the record that she will appear as a civilian witness in a separate case concerning Muka, dating back to 2017 when he is alleged to have robbed a jewellery store ... The prime suspect, Muka, has a history of violent crime, dating back to a violent robbery at a jewellery store in Tigne’ in 2017. Two people were injured and the robbers escaped with €330,000 in stolen goods.

Everything we know currently about JackSucksAtLife's new video (the one being released on 25.07.2020)

2020.07.24 10:56 OpalRaptor7 Everything we know currently about JackSucksAtLife's new video (the one being released on 25.07.2020)

Everything we know currently about JackSucksAtLife's new video (the one being released on 25.07.2020)
Here is everything we know currently about JackSucksAtLife's "big project" video (the one being released on 25.07.2020):

Diamond Play Button Clock from the teaser[1][3]

Date and time of the video - from the teaser[1][3]

Jack's new Twitter profile picture; with the Diamond Play Button[5]
  • The video will release on 25.07.2020 (July 25, 2020) at around 6pm GMT.[1][2][3]
  • Jack has confirmed that this video will be a "big project".[3]
  • It will involve at least one Diamond Play Button; possibly Pewdipie's Diamond Play Button.[1][2][10] The proof for this is that in the description of his 100 Million Play Button briefcase video, Jack wrote "25.07.20 6pm uk diamond play button".[2]
  • Jack is probably planning to keep a Diamond Play Button in his 100 Million Subscribers Red Play Button briefcase.[1]
  • Becky will be in the video. In the teaser, she seems shocked, possibly when a Diamond Play Button (?) is seen.[1][3]
  • Jack thinks that the video will probably get into his top 10 (at least 1.7-1.8 million views), but he thinks it will get less than 5.7 million views.[3]
  • In the teaser (which was first shown 19.07.20), a Diamond Play Button clock can be seen, ticking down. Then, it cuts to a black screen that says 25.07.20 6pm. Becky can be heard laughing and she says "No [way]" in shock. Jack follows by saying "Oh my God!". They re probably both surprised at something; that something is probably a Diamond Play Button.[1][2][3]
  • Jack might get a shelf if he gets a Diamond Play Button in this video.[4] The 100 Million Subscriber Play Button briefcase may also be put on the shelf.[1]
  • Jack also teased a one second clip of WillNE laughing, saying that the full "project" will release at the end of July.[3] The Diamond Play Button video and the WillNE clip may be the same video.
  • Recently, Jack has changed his Twitter profile picture. It is his regular profile picture but his head in the photo is replaced with a Diamond Play Button, hinting that the new teased video is almost definitely going to involve a Diamond Play Button.[5]
  • Jack released three tweets about the date of video: "happy birthday! the video is out tomorrow 6pm uk, the 25th!" (reply to aRandomJordan), "6pm tomorrow!" (a reply to viperhype_), "3 hours" (a reply to himself), "25.07.20 6pm uk time" (caption of the photo below) and "6pm tonight." (a reply to XenonArt5).[5]
  • The video "I found Pewdiepie's 100 Mill Diamond Play Button Chest on eBay"[1] and the unreleased Diamond Play Button video[1][3] may correlate in some way to the video "This guy bought Pewdiepie's REAL Diamond Play Button on eBay".[6] The proof of this is that Pewdipie's Diamond Play Button was probably sold to Jack from Elliot (The Retro Future), who bought it from eBay and was featured in one of Jack's videos.[6] The photo below, which was posted to Jack's Twitter on 22.07.20 but was not mentioned until 25.07.20, is also proof:[5]

Jack smiling, holding a Diamond Play Button (the play button is hidden behind a blue play button picture but the edges can still be seen)[5]
  • MiniMuka also uploaded a similar picture to the above. He is holding the same play button as Jack is:

MiniMuka smiling, holding a Diamond Play Button or OG Silver Play Button (it is hard to tell which one it is)[5][11]

  • Jack has confirmed to Adam Steele that the new video will "not be a scam",[7][8][9] hinting that the Diamond Play Button leaks are definitely true.
  • In the description of this video ([6]), Jack wrote "If I had spotted the play button on eBay I would have absolutely tried to buy it as well!". It probably does not mean anything, but it may hint towards the fact that jack may have bought the Diamond Play Button from Elliot.[10]
  • Nateo tweeted "At this point it's become clear that this is most likely "How I TRICKED my subscribers into thinking I got a diamond play button." Of course, I'm up for a pleasant surprise if I'm wrong." Jack replied by saying "Oh no" and MimiMuka replied to Jack saying "Tricked them all". This is possibly hinting that the play button video could be faked for views, where he tricks his subscribers into thinking that the Diamond Play Button he has is real, but it is actually fake (this is just a theory).[11]
  • MiniMuka will probably be in the video. This tweet ([11]) is the proof. He is supposedly holding the same Diamond Play Button, although the one MiniMuka is holding looks more similar to an OG Silver Play Button than the one Jack is holding.[5] It may just be the lighting on the picture.
  • Other YouTubers will also be in the video, although it is unknown which ones will feature in the video. The only YouTuber other than Jack known to be in the video will probably be MiniMuka.[11]
  • MrBeast may be in the video, since he also has a big video coming out soon and they are maybe linked (theory proposed by SaraS_06).[12]
[1] JackSucksAtLife - I found Pewdiepie's 100 Mill Diamond Play Button Chest on eBay ( - First time Jack shows the teaser
[2] JackSucksAtLife - I found Pewdiepie's 100 Mill Diamond Play Button Chest on eBay (description of the video)
[3] JackSucksAtStuff - I can't believe we actually got this channel to 100k subscribers ( - First time Jack mentions the teaser and the unreleased video itsself
[4] Reddit post - Jacks should get a shelf instead of laying his diamond play button on the grou- ive said too much (
[5] JackSucksAtLife Twitter -
[6] JackSucksAtLife - This guy bought Pewdiepie's REAL Diamond Play Button on eBay (
[7] Adam Steele Tweet (
[8] JackSucksAtLife Tweet (
[9] Adam Steele Tweet (
[10] JackSucksAtLife - This guy bought Pewdiepie's REAL Diamond Play Button on eBay (description of the video)
[11] MiniMuka Tweet (
[12] SaraS_06 Tweet (

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2020.04.28 17:36 ribbygoose SleeperSheet (v4.0) - Post-NFL Draft (and likely final) Edition

UPDATE: The SleeperSheet Has Become The DynastyGM at
I've been receiving some feedback on the SleeperSheet v3.0 this week now that dynasty gamers are getting into the full swing of their Rookie Drafts I wanted to address those issues and update the tool. As I said in an update on my last post, I have begun working on developing a similar (and way more badass) tool with one of the titans of the dynasty community which I couldn't be more excited about. Thanks again to everyone who's interacted with me and gotten me exposure on both Reddit and Twitter (@DynastyStump -- follow me for updates on my current project and rambling thoughts about the New York Yankees). I truly do appreciate it!
Now for the nitty-gritty. If this is the first time you're hearing about the SleeperSheet, the SleeperSheet is intended for individuals who play dynasty fantasy football on Sleeper. Simply enter your Sleeper username and it'll pull in all your leagues, rosters and draft picks for you to view. The sheet also features a Trade Finder that uses values generated from FantasyPros Expert Consensus Ranks as well as from any custom rankings you copy & paste into the sheet.
If you've used previous versions of the SleeperSheet (links below in the Version History), here's what you're looking for -- what's new?!
Note: this tool is in Google Sheets only (not Excel) and only works from desktop for now (although I believe once you set it up from desktop you should be able to view it on mobile).
Updated Link (v4.0)
Issues? Fill out this form:

If you're so inclined, and love the sheet that much, I am accepting donations via:

Version History:

v1.0: Initial Release (12/24/19)
v2.0: Trade Finder & Superflex (01/07/20)
v3.0: Custom Trade Values (01/21/20)
v4.0: Post-NFL Draft (04/28/20)
Make sure to use the most updated version by creating a new copy from the link above.
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2020.04.04 18:00 MushKinPuff [PROJECT] r/Anime Sings 150: Chime (Fruits Basket OP 2)

Hello everyone! Now that I finally wrapped up Distance, I wanted to hop onto another project while the new season burner is hot! Fruits Basket (2019) Season 2 starts on April 6th, just two days from this being posted. The protagonist Tohru Honda’s birthday is just a month out from that, on May 6th. (I cannot find confirmation that this date is official, but it’s the given birthdate on My Anime List and the Fruits Basket Wiki, so I’m going with it.) I’d like to give her the best birthday present I could possibly think of, and that’s to dedicate my next anime sings project to her! As you can see by the title, this project will be for the first season’s second OP, “Chime.” We’ll only be doing the TV Size, as there’s no official instrumental of the full song, and the only fanmade instrumental that’s available to the public is of the TV Size. The short length will also make it easier for me to finish the project in time for Tohru’s Birthday, so it works out. Also, yes, that is me promising a release date. No procrastinating this time. I swear.

Audio file to sing along here!

Please tell me if the link doesn't work for some reason. Please use this audio file! It'll prevent problems while syncing! Need to hear the lyrics first, and/or want to see the OP? Go here!
Wiki: Check out past and ongoing projects here!
YouTube: Subscribe to our channel to be notified of new releases and listen to past releases!
Discord: Worried about missing a project announcement? Join our Discord server to be notified of new projects, song polls, and releases!


kinou made no kanashii koto kyou kara no fuan na koto ashita kara no himitsu na koto itsu made mo issho ni itai koto
kumori nochi hare yo susume, shingou wa ao
ouji-sama mitai na koe de mukae ni kita nante iwanaide nakechau janai itsudatte narande kin kon kan kon
I’d also really appreciate it if you could include yourself wishing Tohru a happy birthday!
Please tell me if there are any mistakes in the lyrics.
  1. If you already know how to record your voice, skip this section and just send me a .wav file (preferred). You do not have to use Audacity.
  2. Download Audacity.
  3. Connect your mic and press the red recording button. Remember to sing loud and clear! We're not expecting perfection, just please don't slur the lyrics or mumble into your mic like you're trying to avoid waking your mom up. If you can't get a particular part to sound right, don't worry! You can skip it.
  4. Press the red square when you're done.
  5. This should be the dry vocal (i.e. no background music), so make sure that any track including background music is either removed or muted.
  6. Click File > Export and export as a "wav" file
  7. Upload the file through the Google form linked below (You'll need to log in to your Google account if you're not logged in already).
Want more details? Read our submission tutorial here!
Video tutorial here!

Use this form to submit your recording!

Hopefully we can hit 25 singers! It will make Tohru very happy!

Deadline: April 18th

Leave all questions in the comments below or in our Discord server!
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2020.03.17 06:53 Incuroni Press Statement from the Prime Minister regarding COVID-19


Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera, saudara-saudari rakyat Malaysia yang saya kasihi.
Malam ini, sekali lagi saya berada di hadapan saudara-saudari sekalian untuk memaklumkan situasi semasa ancaman wabak Covid-19 yang telah menimbulkan kebimbangan bukan sahaja di Malaysia, malahan di seluruh dunia.
Sehingga kini, wabak Covid-19 telah merebak di 135 buah negara. Seramai 162,711 orang telah disahkan positif Covid-19 di seluruh dunia. Daripada jumlah ini, seramai 6,443 orang telah meninggal dunia.
Di Malaysia, telah berlaku peningkatan kes Covid-19 secara mendadak, iaitu 190 kes semalam, disusuli 125 kes baharu hari ini, menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan individu yang dijangkiti wabak ini adalah sebanyak 553 orang. Daripada jumlah tersebut, seramai 511 orang sedang dirawat di hospital, manakala 42 orang telah pun pulih.
Kerajaan memandang serius situasi semasa ancaman virus berbahaya ini terutama perkembangan gelombang kedua. Keutamaan Kerajaan pada masa ini adalah untuk mencegah penularan baharu wabak ini yang dibimbangi akan menjangkiti lebih ramai rakyat. Situasi semasa wabak ini memerlukan tindakan drastik diambil bagi memulihkan keadaan secepat mungkin.
Untuk itu, Kerajaan memutuskan untuk melaksanakan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan, mulai 18 Mac 2020, iaitu lusa hingga 31 Mac 2020, di seluruh negara. Perintah kawalan ini dibuat di bawah Akta Pencegahan dan Pengawalan Penyakit Berjangkit 1988 dan Akta Polis 1967. Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan ini meliputi;
Pertama, larangan menyeluruh pergerakan dan perhimpunan ramai di seluruh negara termasuk aktiviti keagamaan, sukan, sosial dan budaya. Untuk menguatkuasakan larangan ini, semua rumah ibadat dan premis perniagaan hendaklah ditutup, kecuali pasaraya, pasar awam, kedai runcit dan kedai serbaneka yang menjual barangan keperluan harian. Khusus untuk umat Islam, penangguhan semua aktiviti keagamaan di masjid dan surau termasuk Solat Jumaat adalah selaras dengan keputusan Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Muzakarah Khas yang telah bersidang pada 15 Mac 2020.
Kedua, sekatan menyeluruh semua perjalanan rakyat Malaysia ke luar negara. Bagi yang baru pulang dari luar negara, mereka dikehendaki menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan dan melakukan kuarantin secara sukarela (atau self quarantine) selama 14 hari;
Ketiga, sekatan kemasukan semua pelancong dan pelawat asing ke dalam negara;
Keempat, penutupan semua taska, sekolah kerajaan dan swasta termasuk sekolah harian, sekolah berasrama penuh, sekolah antarabangsa, pusat tahfiz dan lain-lain institusi pendidikan rendah, menengah dan pra-universiti;
Kelima, penutupan semua institusi pendidikan tinggi (IPT) awam dan swasta serta institut latihan kemahiran di seluruh negara; dan
Keenam, penutupan semua premis kerajaan dan swasta kecuali yang terlibat dengan perkhidmatan penting negara iaitu air, elektrik, tenaga, telekomunikasi, pos, pengangkutan, pengairan, minyak, gas, bahan api, pelincir, penyiaran, kewangan, perbankan, kesihatan, farmasi, bomba, penjara, pelabuhan, lapangan terbang, keselamatan, pertahanan, pembersihan, peruncitan dan bekalan makanan.
Saya sedar bahawa saudara-saudari mungkin merasakan bahawa tindakan yang diambil oleh Kerajaan ini menimbulkan kesulitan dan kesukaran untuk saudara-saudari menjalani kehidupan seharian. Namun, tindakan ini mesti diambil oleh kerajaan untuk membendung penularan wabak Covid-19 yang berkemungkinan meragut nyawa rakyat negara ini.
Kita telah melihat peningkatan wabak Covid-19 secara mendadak daripada puluhan orang yang dijangkiti virus ini kepada ribuan orang dalam masa yang singkat di beberapa buah negara lain. Sudah pasti saudara-saudari tidak mahu keadaan yang sama berlaku di negara kita.
Kita tidak boleh menunggu lebih lama sehingga keadaan menjadi lebih meruncing. Tindakan drastik perlu diambil dalam kadar segera untuk menyekat penularan wabak ini dengan cara mengehadkan pergerakan orang ramai. Inilah satu-satunya cara untuk kita mengelakkan lebih ramai rakyat negara ini dijangkiti wabak yang boleh meragut nyawa.
Saya harap saudara-saudari dapat bersabar menghadapi dugaan ini. Jangan panik, jangan cemas, dan sentiasalah bertenang. Saya percaya dengan langkah-langkah sekatan pergerakan yang dilaksanakan oleh Kerajaan, kita mampu menyekat penularan wabak ini dalam masa yang terdekat.
Kita telah melihat beberapa buah negara yang mengambil langkah yang agak drastik untuk mengawal penularan wabak ini seperti negara China yang telah menunjukkan penurunan mendadak kes-kes jangkitan Covid-19.
Saya juga ingin memberi jaminan bahawa bekalan bahan-bahan makanan, keperluan harian dan penjagaan kesihatan termasuk topeng muka adalah mencukupi. Saya telah mengarahkan Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Sosial agar sentiasa memantau situasi bekalan makanan dan keperluan harian di pasaran sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalah Pergerakan ini berkuatkuasa.
Saya merayu kepada saudara-saudari agar sentiasa mematuhi Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan ini. Ini adalah tanggungjawab kita bersama yang mesti kita laksanakan sebagai rakyat yang prihatin terhadap keluarga kita, masyarakat kita dan negara kita.
Saya juga ingin memaklumkan bahawa Sidang Khas Majlis Keselamatan Negara akan bermesyuarat untuk memantau dan mengawasi situasi wabak Covid-19. Saya sendiri akan mempengerusikan mesyuarat ini dan memaklumkan kepada saudara-saudari perkembangan situasi wabak Covid-19 dari semasa ke semasa.
Jika saudara-saudari mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan berhubung Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan, saudara-saudari boleh menghubungi Pusat Pengurusan Operasi Negara di talian hotline ataupun media sosial bermula jam 12 tengah hari esok.
Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada semua petugas kesihatan, penjawat awam dan semua pihak yang telah bertungkus-lumus bekerja siang dan malam untuk membendung wabak ini.
Saya berdoa agar saudara-saudari sekalian terus cekal dan tabah dalam menjalankan tugas untuk negara demi memastikan keselamatan dan kesejahteraan rakyat di negara ini sentiasa terpelihara.


Assalamualaikum and greetings, my fellow Malaysians.
Tonight, I am once again in front of you to inform you about the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak which has raised concerns not only in Malaysia, but around the world.
To date, Covid-19 spread to 135 countries. A total of 162,711 people have been positively diagnosed with Covid-19 worldwide. Of these, 6,443 people have died.
In Malaysia, there has been a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases, up from 190 cases yesterday, followed by 125 new cases today, bringing the total number of infected individuals to 553. Of these, 511 were hospitalized, while 42 have recovered.
The government takes this viral threat seriously, especially the development of a possible second wave. The current priority of the Government is to prevent the spread of this new epidemic. The current situation of the outbreak requires drastic action to be taken to return to normalcy as soon as possible.
To this end, the Government has decided to implement the Movement Control Order, from March 18, 2020 to March 31, 2020 nationwide. This control order is made under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967. This Movement Control Order includes;
First, a comprehensive ban on public movements and gatherings across the country including religious, sports, social and cultural activities. To enforce this prohibition, all houses of worship and business premises must be closed except for supermarkets, public markets, convenience stores and convenience stores selling everyday necessities. Specifically for Muslims, the adjournment of all religious activities in mosques including Friday prayers is in line with the decision of the Special Religious Discussion Committee meeting on March 15, 2020.
Second, a total restriction on all Malaysians traveling abroad. For those who have just returned from overseas, they are required to undergo a health check and to self-quarantine for 14 days;
Third, restrictions on entry of all tourists and foreign visitors into the country;
Fourth, closure of all kindergartens, government and private schools including daily schools, boarding schools, international schools, tahfiz centers and other primary, secondary and pre-university institutions;
Fifth, the closure of all public and private higher education institutions (HEIs) and skills training institutes nationwide; and
Sixth, closure of all government and private premises except those involved in the country's essential services namely water, electricity, energy, telecommunications, postal, transportation, irrigation, oil, gas, fuel, lubricants, broadcasting, finance, banking, health , pharmacies, firefighting, prisons, ports, airports, security, defense, cleaning, retail and food supplies.
I realize that my fellow Malaysians may feel that the actions taken by this Government will create difficulties in our daily lives. However, this action must be taken to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak which is likely to endanger the lives of the people of this nation.
We have seen a rapid increase in the Covid-19 outbreak from tens of people infected with the virus to thousands of people in a short time in several other countries. Of course, I belive we do not want the same thing to happen in our country.
We can't wait until things get worse. Drastic action must be taken immediately to prevent the spread of the disease by limiting the movement of the public. This is the only way we can prevent more people from being infected by this outbreak that can destroy lives.
I hope my fellow Malaysians will be able to endure this challenge. Don't panic, don't worry, and stay calm. I believe with the measures implemented by the Government, we will be able to block the spread of this outbreak quickly.
We have seen some countries take drastic steps to control the outbreak such as China which has shown a sharp decline in cases of Covid-19 infection.
I also want to assure you that the supply of food, daily necessities and healthcare including face masks is sufficient. I have directed the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Social Development to continuously monitor the situation of food supply and daily needs in the market during the duration of this Movement Control Order.
I urge my fellow Malaysians to always obey this Movement Control Order. It is our collective responsibility as citizens who care about our families, our communities and our country.
I would also like to inform that the National Security Council will be meeting regularly to monitor the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak. I will personally chair this meeting and inform my fellow Malaysians of updates from time to time.
If you have any questions about the Movement Control Order, you can contact the National Operations Management Center through a hotline or social media starting at noon tomorrow.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the health workers, civil servants and all those who have worked tirelessly day and night to curb this outbreak.
I hope that all of us will continue to be diligent in carrying out our duties for the country, to ensure the safety and well-being of all.
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2020.01.22 04:09 ribbygoose SleeperSheet (v3.0) w/ Custom Dynasty Trade Value Calculator

UPDATE: The SleeperSheet Has Become The DynastyGM at
Hey all,
I posted this earlier today in DynastyFF (Here) and people seem to like it so I wanted to share it here. I'm posting about an exciting new update to the SleeperSheet that I think you'll all love. While this sheet is geared towards dynasty leagues, with the custom ranking to value generator, you can enter your own redraft rankings from anywhere to evaluate redraft trades and rosters.
The SleeperSheet (v3.0) is intended for individuals who play fantasy football on Sleeper. Simply enter your Sleeper username and it'll pull in all your leagues, rosters and draft picks for you to view. The sheet also features a Trade Finder that uses values generated from FantasyPros Expert Consensus Ranks as well as from any custom rankings you copy & paste into the sheet. This is no longer a major work-in-progress, but as I add features I'm sure things will break so please feel free to reach out with anything that looks to be broken -- Any and all feedback is welcome. Just comment or DM me with your Sleeper username and I'll see if I can reproduce your issue!
Note: this tool is in Google Sheets only (not Excel) and only works from desktop for now (although I believe once you set it up from desktop you should be able to view it on mobile).
Updated Link (v3.0)
Issues? Fill out this form:
If you're so inclined, and love the sheet that much, I am accepting donations via:
Version History:
v1.0: Initial Release (12/24/19)
v2.0: Trade Finder & Superflex (01/07/20)
v3.0: Custom Trade Values (01/21/20)
Make sure to use the most updated version by creating a new copy from the link above and please let me know how you like it and what can be added/improved!
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2020.01.21 13:50 ribbygoose SleeperSheet (v3.0) - Custom Dynasty Trade Value Calculator

SleeperSheet (v3.0) - Custom Dynasty Trade Value Calculator
UPDATE (08/03): The SleeperSheet Has Become The DynastyGM at
UPDATE (04/28): SleeperSheet v4.0 is LIVE --
UPDATE (02/25): Sleeper was having some issues with their API. It's now been resolved and the sheet is back up and working! v3.1 is coming today with minor UI tweaks, stability improvements, and the ability to sort Team Portfolio Draft Picks by year rather than just by value.
UPDATE (02/24): If you're having issues, Sleeper is giving me a 404 error when making a request for a league's rosters. This is why draft picks still show (although incorrectly I believe), but rosters don't. I'm working with Sleeper to get this API GET request to work again and should be back up and running shortly.
UPDATE (02/22): Thanks to all of the support and feedback I've received here and on Twitter a few companies/sites reached out to me and I've now begun development of this tool in a larger-scale with a website I'm sure many of you are familiar with, although I cannot disclose it quite yet. I intent to still fix any major issues, but please expect my response times to be considerably longer than they have been, as I work to build this tool out on a website with a true back-end and nicer front-end web UI. I'll be sure to keep this post update when this new-and-improved tool is released! It'll be behind a pay-wall, but I expect the product to be well worth the cost. Again, thanks to everyone who has helped me out here in terms of feedback and spreading the word.
Hello again,
I'm posting here again to share an exciting new update to the SleeperSheet that I think you'll all love. The SleeperSheet (v3.0) is intended for individuals who play dynasty fantasy football on Sleeper. Simply enter your Sleeper username and it'll pull in all your leagues, rosters and draft picks for you to view. The sheet also features a Trade Finder that uses values generated from FantasyPros Expert Consensus Ranks as well as from any custom rankings you copy & paste into the sheet. This is no longer a major work-in-progress, but as I add features I'm sure things will break so please feel free to reach out with anything that looks to be broken -- Any and all feedback is welcome. Just comment or DM me with your Sleeper username and I'll see if I can reproduce your issue!
Note: this tool is in Google Sheets only (not Excel) and only works from desktop for now (although I believe once you set it up from desktop you should be able to view it on mobile).
Updated Link (v3.1)
Issues? Fill out this form:
If you're so inclined, and love the sheet that much, I am accepting donations via:
Version History:
v1.0: Initial Release (12/24/19)
  • v1.1 (12/24/19):
    • Added support for user's with up to 25 leagues and leagues of up to 16 teams.
  • v1.2 (12/26/19):
    • Fixed some bugs where certain players information wouldn't populate as well as some isolated issues with the drafts and picks.
  • v1.3 (12/27/19):
    • Updated Players page to ensure all player information is up to date and updating on a recurring basis.
  • v1.4 (12/30/19):
    • Ability to sort rosters by age, alphabetic, custom rank, and position.
    • Added a chart for roster positional breakdown to rosters page.
    • Added roster average age and net draft picks to rosters page.
  • v1.5 (12/30/19): Trade Finder
    • Added a Trade Finder tool.
v2.0: Trade Finder & Superflex (01/07/20)
  • v2.0 (01/07/20)
    • Updated the initial draft finder tool.
    • Improved the look-and-feel.
    • Added player suggestions to make trades even.
    • Added early, middle, late draft pick value differentiation.
  • v2.1 (01/08/20)
    • Fixed issues for users with 10+ leagues.
  • v2.2 (01/08/20)
    • 2QB/Superflex Values: The sheet will now display Superflex/2QB values if the league you've select is Superflex/2QB.
    • Fixed issues with draft picks.
  • v2.3 (01/11/20)
    • Added the 'Leagues' tab showing an overview of the leagues a user is in.
    • Player and draft pick values are now sourced from an external sheet.
    • Ability to enter custom ranks that are converted to playepick values.
    • Added functionality for leagues with co-owners, leagues with 16+ teams, and user's with 20+ leagues.
v3.0: Custom Trade Values (01/21/20)
  • v3.0 (01/21/20)
    • Ability to input any overall dynasty rankings and convert them into values for use in the Trade Finder.
    • Added ability to sort 'Team Portfolio' and 'Trade Finder by Custom Values.
    • Fixed up some more draft pick issues.
    • Look-and feel-improvements (mainly the Sleeper color theme).
    • Fixed issues with users with many leagues or league who come back formatted strangely (Post-release - Make a new copy if you had issues previously)
  • v3.1 (02/25/20)
    • UI color scheme tweaks
    • Stability improvements after Sleeper's API issues
    • The ability to sort Team Portfolio Draft Picks by year rather than just by value
Make sure to use the most updated version by creating a new copy from the link above and please let me know how you like it and what can be added/improved!
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2019.09.28 16:43 humorisgwapo 27 [M4F] this title is a warning - Pasig

(Warning long post) Now that i have your attention let me tell you a little realization while walking sa mall kanina. I saw a lot of families eating together and aside from sharing food, they were sharing laughters. It hit me na yes living alone is the best thing na nangyari sakin kasi it made me more responsible since i have to clean and cook on my own plus all the budgeting is on me. BUT!!! Ang sad pala kapag wala kang mapagsshare-an ng mga stories mo or kahit anong small details na nangyari sa day mo. Oo may friends tayo pero they have their own lives pa din naman and for sure gets niyo naman where i’m getting at.
Anyway idk if i’m looking for something stable since i told myself i’m keeping myself single until may mameet ako na super okay kasi gusto ko yun na talaga pero no problem din naman to date and get to know kasi malay natin yun na pala diba. Kaya i’m here to try my luck and see baka ikaw na pala (if meron magmessage)
Okay so syempre my own preference na diba kaya about you: - petite - average(???) like ito talaga yung una kong napapansin and yung hair lol - morena - maputi??? Kapal ko tho pero preference eh haha - cutie hihi - plus na siguro yung listen to kpop? I mean para naman di na ko majudge haha
Okay so ang kapal ng muka ko sa preference ko so about me: - i’m tall so like 5’10 (since height matters minsan) - graduate of the college in front of losol - working for the government (but not pro admin) - volleyball as the main sport with basketball as the side hoe haha - i play pc games on weekends with friends (minsan weekdays paguwi) so sure ka na nasa bahay lang ako - I SWEAR I FEEL LIKE I’M A 7.5 PERO FEEL KO ANG KAPAL SO 6.5 NA LANG KASI MINSAN DI NAKIKISAMA YUNG HAIR KO PLUS DI PA KO NAKAKAPAG GYM ULIT - Tho bawing bawi sa humor like 12/10 guys promise. I have references!! Dami ko memes sa phone and nakabisado ko yung mga jokes sa GMs before haha
So if di ka tinamad basahin to and umabot ka here. Message me and not chat if you think okay na i’m still sane for posting this haha thank you and have a wonderful saturday evening to all.
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2019.07.27 01:41 siskafong888 Situs Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya

Situs Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya
Situs Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya
Tidak bisa anda pungkiri memang sekarang ini sudah banyak sekali berbagai situs Poker Online Indonesia terpercaya. Anda tidak perlu heran dengan banyaknya agen serta website ini, dengan adanya kemajuan teknologi seperti sekarang ini semakin berkembang hal yang terkait dengan internet. Akan semakin mudah beserta sangat cepat, apalagi permainan online, yang memang punya peminat yang sangat luar lazim banyak. Permainan online ialah satu permainan yang bisa mendatangkan uang oleh sebab itu. Anda tidak heran kalau banyak orang yang hoby dalam permainan online.
Permainan betting adalah salah satu kegiatan yang dilarang di Negara Indonesia, oleh karena itu pertaruhan online menjadi hal satu opsi untuk menghindari daripada itu semua. Bila anda bermain permainan dengan secara online disitus distributor Poker Online Indonesia terpercaya. Tersebut akan membuat tak tersedia yang menyangka bila kamu suka bermain betting.
Selain itu banyak sekali berbagai keuntungan dari bermain permainan online ini disitus Poker Online Indonesia terkenal tersebut. Disini abdi akan jajal membahas untuk anda semua para pembaca setia kita. silahkan disimak berikut ini:

  1. Memiliki Banyak Uang Tanpa Banyak Orang Yang Mengetahui
Keuntungan yang pertama dari bermain poker online di web agen Poker Online Indonesia terpercaya. Adalah anda mampu memiliki penuh uang tanpa banyak orang yang tahu. Hal ini adalah sesuatu yang paling asyik tak kala anda bermain betting poker online, yaitu unggul banyak uang dan beberapa orang yang tidak tahu.

  1. Dapat Bermain Permainan Poker Online Kapan pun Dan Dimana Pun Anda Berada
Keuntungan kedua dari permainan poker online di situs agen Poker Online Indonesia. Nomor satu adalah anda bisa berjalan kapan pun dan dimana pun anda berada. Ya, tentu ini sangan menyenagkan jika anda bisa bermain pertaruhan tanpa harus bertemu dengan lawan anda, tanpa harus bertatap muka dengan tersebut serta tentu saja anda tidak repot-repot menghindar kesuatu tempat untuk bersembunyi.
Artikel Situs Poker Online Indonesia Terbaik
Artikel situs poker online benar-benar sangatlah diperlukan sekali untuk sejumlah pemain saat bermain game poker online. Dikarenakan dengan membaca artikel game poker online sejumlah pemain dapat mendapatkan panduan, tips, trik, dan strategi di dalam bermain permainan poker online. Akan tetapi, untuk beberapa pemain yang dimana ingin bermain game poker online, sejumlah pemain bisa segera berhimpun d situs Poker Online Indonesia terbaik.
Ini adalah salah satu alasan tersebut jika untuk seseorang yang dapat memperoleh situs agen poker online. Yang berbeda terdapat di dalam pengalaman yang bisa dimainkan oleh pemain game online di permainan Poker Online Indonesia tersebut. Dan peluang untuk semua bagian permainan poker online tidak bakalan bertandang kesejumlah situs poker online pada yang menurut anda tidak bakalan bertandang kesejumlah situ poker online yang menurut anda tidak baik untuk dikunjungi situs. Ini yang terdapat mencurigakan dan kami sarankan untuk para pemain. Yang terbaru agar bisa kemukakan pertanyaan kesebagian rekan supaya anda bisa pahami. Mengenai situs agen poker online yang dimana tempat anda bermain supaya anda juga tidak merasa tertipu oleh situs agen poker Indonesia online.
Anda dapat pula mendapatkan sedikit info dari situs game poker online terbaik yang demikian bagus dan dari sudut pandang orang yang berbeda pula. Dari hal yang telah kita nahas pada kali ini untuk satu situs yang memegang situs agen poker online terbaik yang telah dipercaya disejumlah negara ataupun Indonesia. Anda pun tidaklah butuh lagi keluar rumah untuk memainkan game poker online tersebut. Untuk sekarang ini, anda hanyalah menggunakan smartphone dan memainkan permainan poker online dengan adanya akses jaringan internet yang terdapat pada smartphone anda. Jadi, dari tahun ke tahun pergantian teknologi pun telah semakin canggih. Anda tidaklah perlu keluar rumah lagi untuk melakukan transaksi deposit isi saldo permainan poker tersebut.
Panduan Situs Poker Online Indonesia
Anda dapat melakukan transaksi hanya menggunakan internet banking, anda telah dapat kerjakan sistem deposit yang telah anda inginkan, anda pun tidak perlu membawa uang hanya dengan nilai jumlah yang besar dengan melakukan pengisian deposit untuk bermain. Anda bisa pula kerjakan pendaftaran untuk menjadi agen poker online. Agar anda tidak mebuang uang yang akan anda miliki dan membuang waktu anda. Anda dapat pua bermain kapan saja yang anda inginkan.
Dari pagi, siang, sore bahkan sampai malam pun anda tetaplah bisa bermain. dari pemerintahan negara inggris pun mengatur dengan adanya permainan game poker online yang dimana baru berupa kebijakan di awal tahun 2007. Itu mungkin saja anda dapat saksikan terdapat langkah yang berbeda dimana berlainan diseluruh dunia. Kami juga bakalan mentidaklanjutkan hukum yang berlaku dipermainan poker online.
Jika anda telah memainkan permainan game online tersebut, jadi anda yang pasti akan tahu sebagian situs permainan online yang dimana demikian banyak mengendara kemana saja dan yang baru dibuat. Akan tetapi, untuk sekarang ini sejumlah situs game online yang anda ketahui itu telah berkembang dan begitu pula banyak di mainkan oleh semua orang.
Dan di dalam permainan game poker online tersebut telah sebagian orang yang memperoleh keuntungan dari permainan game online di Indonesia. Anda dapat pula mendapatkan jackpot dari masing-masing permainan yang anda mainkan dengan nominal yang sangatlah banyak. Ada begitu banyak bahkan ratusan sampai jutaan rupiah. Maka dari itu, anda janganlah sampai ragu lagi di dalam memainkan permainan poker online terpercaya.
Info Situs Poker Online
Info poker merupakan situs berita poker online yang menyediakan berbagai macam berita mengenai situs poker. Kami mengumpulkan berbagai macam data local maupun mancanegara khusus bagi anda pecinta game poker di dunia maya. Untuk sekarang ini banyak sekali website poker online yang berguna bagi penggemar poker agar mereka selalu bisa up to date dalam segi pengetahuan ketika bermain game. Meskipun dewasa sekarang ini permainan poker sudah marak dimainkan di Indonesia, di beberapa kalompok orang-orang masih tetap banyak pula yang belum mengetahui langkah bermain serta situs poker mana yang baik buat mereka mainkan. Gunanya artikel poker sebagai portal berita poker dan informasi agem poker kepada pencinta poker.
poker merupakan salah satu situs poker terpercaya pada bagi anda pecinta poker online. Disitus ini anda mendapatkan banyak kemudahan, mulai dari bantuan pendaftaran, deposit yang tidak terlalu besar, bonus melimpah sera kemudahan dalam melakukan withdraw. Apabila anda sedang mencari agen poker yang tepat untuk bermain, maka poker adalah pilihan yang paling tepat untuk anda mainkan. Selain itu, berbagai keuntungan yang admin bahas dalam artikel ini bisa anda dapatkan di poker online. Karena itu, daftarkanlah diri anda dan raih berbagai keuntungan dan kemenangan terbaik sekarang juga.
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2019.05.15 06:40 lamgiaukhongkho1a1 Pretty Life Is Better In Flip Flops With Miller Lite Beer shirt

Pretty Life Is Better In Flip Flops With Miller Lite Beer shirt
Anda sudah pernah dengan nama sabun a Pretty Life Is Better In Flip Flops With Miller Lite Beer shirt orea sepertinya kedengaran baru tetapi sesungguhnya tidak sudah ada sejak tahun 2011 di indonesia tetapi baru kedengaran akhir2 ini karena memang manfaat sabun amoorea sudah dirasakan oleh para penggunanya jadi jika anda bermasalah dengan kulit itu dulu sekarang sudah tidak masalah lagi dan tidak beresiko sabun amorea adalah sabun kesehatan dan kecantikan kulit sabun kecantikan 100 alami aman efektif sabun kecantikan ini menjadi favorite sabun amoorea 2012 bahan bahan atau komposisi teridiri dari heilmoor clay bun tersebut hampir mengering sendiri bilas dengan menggunakan span muka dan air yang bersih gunakan sabun amoorea sekurang kurangnya 2 kali sehari pagi dan malam harga sabun amorea 1 box isi 2 batang sabun rp 380 000 1 sabun rp 200 000 1 2 sabun rp 100 000 1 4 sabun rp 50 000 untuk perawatan 2minggu saat ini kami membutuhkan reseller untuk men jual sabun amoorea di seluruh indonesia segera hub kami di contac person kami tunggu yaaaa. Reviews are in and beauty shield is a fan favorite already have some feedback hop onto elfcosmetics com and tell us all your feels about beautyshield. Jbj's clothing brand hart n dagger is launching their first women's collection this upcoming holiday season follow them on social media hartndagger and subscribe to their newsletter at hartndagger com for the most up to date details on the release Funny Pretty Life Is Better In Flip Flops With Miller Lite Beer shirt

Pretty Life Is Better In Flip Flops With Miller Lite Beer shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt for us
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2019.05.08 08:40 savernus01 Mengenal Judi Sabung Ayam Online

Casino88betMengenal Judi Sabung Ayam Online, Judi Sabung Ayam Online merupakan sebuah kegiatan taruhan yang dimana adalah 2 ayam yang dijadikan bahan taruhan nya. Dimana taruhan jenis ini sudah lama ada di Indonesia, hanya saja dulu biasanya dilakukan secara offline atau bertatap muka. Seiring perkembangan jaman dan teknologi yang semakin pesat, membuat beberapa banyak Bandar judi besar menghadirkan judi sabung ayam secara online. Dengan demikian anda tidak perlu repot untuk dating ke tempat pertaruhan diadakan. Selain mempermudah para bettor judi sabung ayam online juga meminimalkan resiko keamanan yang mungkin terjadi jika pertaruhan dilakukan dengan cara tatap muka.
Di Indonesia sendiri terdapat berbagai macam agen judi sanbung ayam online, agar para penggemar permainan taruhan sabung ayam dapat melakukan taruhan kapanpun dan dimanapun anda inginkan. Pada saat ini permainan sabung ayam ini sudah dihadirkan sebagai permainan judi online yang dimana permainan nya sudah bisa dilangsungkan secara online. Untuk melakukan judi sabung ayam online ini tentunya anda harus bergabung pada situs yang sudah terpercaya yang pastinya akan memberikan anda keuntungan yang besar pada permainan sabung ayam online ini.

Agen Judi Sabung Ayam Terlengkap

Maka dari itu kami sebagai salah satu agen judi yang ternama ingin merekomendasikan kepada anda untuk segera mendaftarkan diri pada kami Casino88bet dan nikmati berbagai bonus dan promo menarik. Dengan minimal deposit 50 ribu saja anda sudah bisa melangsungkan taruhan sabung ayam online ini. Bukankah dengan deposit yang sedikit nantinya anda akan mendapatkan keuntungan yang sangatlah besar dari kemenangan yang diperoleh nantinya. Dan kami juga akan memberikan anda bonus cashback yang dimana apabila anda sudah menerima kekalahan sebesar 500 ribu. Kami juga memiliki bonus untuk anda yang telah mendapatkan kemenangan selama 7 kali beruntun maka anda akan mendapatkan bonus 100% untuk anda.
Tidak hanya permainan sabung ayam online, Casino88bet juga merupakan Agen Judi Online Terlengkap di Indonesia. Kami menyediakan berbagai macam permainan Judi Online lainnya, seperti Sportsbook, Casino Online, Slot Game, Togel Online dan Poker Online. Kami juga tentunya akan memberikan anda beberapa tips kemenangan dalam bermain Judi Online bersama kami. Sangat menarik bukan? Oleh karena itu apabila anda tertarik anda bisa langsung saja untuk mendaftar Casino88bet selaku agen judi online yang sudah terpercaya di Indonesia.


Bermain Sabung Ayam Online S128

Cara mendaftar nya anda hanya perlu mengisi data diri lengkap pada kolom registrasi, dan tentunya customer service kami akan membantu anda untuk registrasi permainan sabung ayam online ini jika anda mengalami kesulitan. Casino88bet menghadirkan Agen Judi Adu Ayam Online Situs S128 yang terpercaya dan terbukti aman. Dengan tentunya anda melakukan deposit terlebih dahulu agar saldo tersebut masuk ke dalam akun permainan anda dan anda dapat melakukan taruhan anda. Dalam permainan sabung ayam ini tentu saja anda akan memperoleh keuntungan yang sangat besar. Selain itu tentunya kami juga memiliki pelayanan customer service yang terbaik dan juga proses transaksi yang cepat dan aman. Tentunya kenyamanan dan keamanan anda menjadi hal yang paling penting bagi kami sebagai Agen Sabung Ayam Online Terpercaya di Indonesia.
Tidak perlu bimbang lagi untuk segera melakukan pendaftaran bersama kami Casino88bet dan raihlah berbagai keuntungan dan kemenangan pada permainan judi satu ini. Pastinya keuntungan yang anda peroleh akan sangat besar nantinya. Maka dari itu segera daftarkan diri anda bersama kami di permainan Sabung Ayam Online, Buktikan sendiri keuntungan, kenyamanan dan keamanan yang bisa anda nikmati bersama kami Casino88bet. Salam Hoki..
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2019.04.17 04:12 sixmix11 King Poring Reproduction Gambling Rates With Prices (GLOBAL)

Thanks @IfuckingHateAllergy for the feedback: Apparently, DISCLAIMER: "...they don't have the same drop rate."
Wrote a little Python script to query API to calculate expected return at the card exchange. Prices are updated on rom exchange every morning so it is a little out of date each time I run in the afternoon.
(These profits do not include tax rates (9%) and stocking fees.)
Will continue work on this.


04/16/2019 9:20 PM
Code Input Colors White Chance Green Chance Blue Chance Cost Expected Value Profit 300 WWW 19.5% 80.0% 0.5% 1,141,731.00 926,922.79 -214,808.21 210 WWG 11.0% 80.0% 9.0% 1,346,215.00 1,192,815.67 -153,399.33 120 WGG 7.0% 75.0% 18.0% 1,550,699.00 1,456,108.04 -94,590.96 030 GGG 0.0% 75.0% 25.0% 1,755,183.00 1,675,078.65 -80,104.35 201 WWB 0.0% 65.0% 35.0% 1,935,495.00 1,951,411.25 15,916.25 111 WGB 0.0% 63.0% 37.0% 2,139,979.00 2,006,677.78 -133,301.22 021 GGB 0.0% 60.0% 40.0% 2,344,463.00 2,089,577.56 -254,885.44 102 WBB 0.0% 32.0% 68.0% 2,729,259.00 2,863,308.86 134,049.86 012 GBB 0.0% 30.0% 70.0% 2,933,743.00 2,918,575.38 -15,167.62 003 BBB 0.0% 0.0% 100.0% 3,523,023.00 3,747,573.20 224,550.20 
Gray Lowest: Injustice Card = $380,577
Green Lowest: Gargoyle Card = $585,061
Blue Lowest: Vitata Card = $1,174,341
GRAY CARDS -------------------- Injustice Card 380,577.00 Weak Puppet Card 393,124.00 Thief Bug Egg Card 393,945.00 Roda Frog Card 395,743.00 Thief Bug Card 408,924.00 Obeaune Card 410,353.00 Poison Spore Card 410,391.00 Sting Card 410,894.00 Orc Archer Card 414,741.00 Bongun Card 415,999.00 Andre Card 417,561.00 Marina Card 418,020.00 Orc Warrior Card 422,669.00 Sky Petite Card 423,397.00 Isis Card 426,511.00 Horong Card 427,345.00 Muka Card 427,876.00 Bigfoot Card 430,375.00 Familiar Card 432,495.00 Fabre Card 433,146.00 Golem Card 434,624.00 Chon Chon Card 438,546.00 Lunatic Card 438,784.00 Mummy Card 439,315.00 Male Thief Bug Card 439,862.00 Marionette Card 442,074.00 Willow Card 471,941.00 Poring Card 495,084.00 Picky Card 549,946.00 Munak Card 566,725.00 Pupa Card 567,300.00 Mimic Card 569,923.00 Marduk Card 701,998.00 Rocker Card 769,673.00 Flora Card 970,668.00 Vadon Card 1,376,052.00 Goblin Card 1,812,830.00 Peco Peco Egg Card 3,758,591.00 GREEN CARDS -------------------- Gargoyle Card 585,061.00 Raydric Archer Card 609,096.00 Punk Card 617,709.00 Orc Lady Card 622,064.00 Anolian Card 623,024.00 Magnolia Card 626,978.00 Female Thief Bug Card 634,511.00 Khalitzburg Card 638,387.00 Carat Card 638,927.00 Matyr Card 642,347.00 Dark Priest Card 643,242.00 Elder Card 644,858.00 Wild Rose Card 652,598.00 Kobold Archer Card 655,203.00 Dokebi Card 655,269.00 Spore Card 657,475.00 Cruiser Card 658,243.00 Cramp Card 658,921.00 Nightmare Card 659,366.00 Joker Card 663,461.00 Wolf Card 674,963.00 Hunter Fly Card 677,288.00 Savage Card 682,717.00 Argiope Card 684,883.00 Wraith Card 691,768.00 Sohee Card 693,829.00 Hornet Card 696,928.00 Cookie Card 711,440.00 Gingerbread Man Card 712,141.00 Orc Zombie Card 712,180.00 Skeleton Card 714,796.00 Ancient Clock Card 724,371.00 Brilight Card 734,337.00 Elder Willow Card 748,266.00 Rideword Card 767,080.00 Tarou Card 789,873.00 Metaller Card 811,979.00 Nine Tail Card 824,592.00 Greatest General Card 854,318.00 Orc Skeleton Card 860,352.00 Green Petite Card 874,256.00 Black Witch Card 881,663.00 Wanderer Card 884,617.00 High Orc Card 1,059,807.00 Zipper Bear Card 1,072,841.00 Giearth Card 1,116,291.00 Alarm Card 1,145,190.00 Yoyo Card 1,288,290.00 Meta Ant Egg Card 1,401,162.00 Myst Case Card 1,456,069.00 Mandragora Flower Card 1,722,200.00 Drainliar Card 3,708,839.00 Marc Card 3,888,065.00 Menblatt Card 5,095,214.00 BLUE CARDS -------------------- Vitata Card 1,174,341.00 Pirate Skeleton Card 1,224,479.00 Marse Card 1,262,638.00 Luciola Vespa Card 1,267,828.00 Phen Card 1,292,684.00 Eggyra Card 1,328,048.00 Goblin Archer Card 1,332,429.00 Dustiness Card 1,342,342.00 Swordfish Card 1,383,046.00 Teddy Bear Card 1,392,496.00 Myst Card 1,443,119.00 Sandman Card 1,558,657.00 Succubus Card 1,598,332.00 Hode Card 1,600,837.00 Evil Druid Card 1,623,138.00 Bathory Card 1,647,764.00 Kobold Card 1,737,054.00 Pasana Card 1,742,727.00 Steam Goblin Card 1,746,088.00 Creamy Card 1,770,075.00 Dark Shadow Card 1,824,861.00 Peco Peco Card 1,829,120.00 Stem Worm Card 1,838,595.00 Ferus Card 1,846,019.00 Soldier Skeleton Card 1,955,354.00 Draco Card 2,120,875.00 Aqua Elemental Card 2,322,267.00 Incubus Card 2,885,994.00 Whisper Card 5,307,802.00 Marine Sphere Card 5,924,651.00 Thara Frog Card 5,944,856.00 Desert Wolf Card 6,239,581.00 Mandragora Card 6,479,132.00 Deviruchi Card 6,786,305.00 Wind Ghost Card 6,892,194.00 Hydra Card 10,057,580.00 Baphomet Jr. Card 10,585,570.00 Raydric Card 11,269,620.00 Archer Skeleton Card 13,657,274.00 Minorous Card 14,667,156.00 


Code Input Colors White Chance Green Chance Blue Chance Cost Expected Value Profit 300 WWW 19.5% 80.0% 0.5% 1,438,212.00 1,063,145.50 -375,066.50 210 WWG 11.0% 80.0% 9.0% 1,605,340.00 1,284,741.94 -320,598.06 120 WGG 7.0% 75.0% 18.0% 1,772,468.00 1,508,312.40 -264,155.60 030 GGG 0.0% 75.0% 25.0% 1,939,596.00 1,690,803.60 -248,792.40 201 WWB 0.0% 65.0% 35.0% 2,370,006.00 1,929,383.15 -440,622.85 111 WGB 0.0% 63.0% 37.0% 2,537,134.00 1,977,099.07 -560,034.93 021 GGB 0.0% 60.0% 40.0% 2,704,262.00 2,048,672.93 -655,589.07 102 WBB 0.0% 32.0% 68.0% 3,301,800.00 2,716,695.69 -585,104.31 012 GBB 0.0% 30.0% 70.0% 3,468,928.00 2,764,411.60 -704,516.40 003 BBB 0.0% 0.0% 100.0% 4,233,594.00 3,480,150.27 -753,443.73 
Gray Lowest: Orc Warrior Card = $479,404
Green Lowest: Gingerbread Man Card = $646,532
Blue Lowest: Dustiness Card = $1,411,198
GRAY CARDS -------------------- Orc Warrior Card 479,404.00 Injustice Card 487,228.00 Sky Petite Card 488,215.00 Bigfoot Card 489,545.00 Orc Archer Card 489,762.00 Sting Card 491,854.00 Marduk Card 492,783.00 Thief Bug Card 494,567.00 Muka Card 495,379.00 Marina Card 495,946.00 Bongun Card 497,613.00 Marionette Card 505,354.00 Munak Card 508,877.00 Roda Frog Card 511,899.00 Willow Card 512,119.00 Poison Spore Card 516,331.00 Isis Card 523,197.00 Obeaune Card 523,810.00 Fabre Card 526,335.00 Thief Bug Egg Card 538,780.00 Poring Card 539,599.00 Golem Card 540,586.00 Male Thief Bug Card 546,197.00 Chon Chon Card 617,360.00 Lunatic Card 687,888.00 Andre Card 702,705.00 Pupa Card 731,509.00 Familiar Card 732,340.00 Weak Puppet Card 765,616.00 Picky Card 829,605.00 Mummy Card 949,921.00 Flora Card 974,072.00 Mimic Card 1,052,247.00 Horong Card 1,176,149.00 Rocker Card 1,515,934.00 Vadon Card 1,859,725.00 Goblin Card 3,780,886.00 Peco Peco Egg Card 5,107,726.00 GREEN CARDS -------------------- Gingerbread Man Card 646,532.00 Savage Card 655,949.00 Wolf Card 658,955.00 Cruiser Card 659,052.00 Dark Priest Card 659,802.00 Anolian Card 661,535.00 Gargoyle Card 661,871.00 Matyr Card 675,245.00 Green Petite Card 676,883.00 Kobold Archer Card 679,553.00 Punk Card 683,949.00 Orc Lady Card 684,044.00 Elder Card 684,669.00 Brilight Card 684,955.00 Skeleton Card 691,422.00 Cookie Card 691,523.00 Cramp Card 691,861.00 Carat Card 694,584.00 Khalitzburg Card 694,593.00 Magnolia Card 697,152.00 Wraith Card 700,555.00 Orc Zombie Card 705,810.00 Nightmare Card 707,969.00 Spore Card 712,071.00 Hunter Fly Card 714,585.00 Raydric Archer Card 719,742.00 Ancient Clock Card 724,551.00 Joker Card 725,930.00 Female Thief Bug Card 774,075.00 Argiope Card 780,345.00 Dokebi Card 824,582.00 Zipper Bear Card 826,564.00 Tarou Card 840,976.00 Black Witch Card 877,524.00 High Orc Card 879,972.00 Sohee Card 892,605.00 Greatest General Card 908,273.00 Wild Rose Card 908,683.00 Nine Tail Card 935,756.00 Rideword Card 944,639.00 Hornet Card 992,589.00 Elder Willow Card 1,074,794.00 Giearth Card 1,272,855.00 Wanderer Card 1,379,676.00 Myst Case Card 1,391,733.00 Orc Skeleton Card 1,393,582.00 Yoyo Card 1,488,988.00 Metaller Card 1,514,094.00 Alarm Card 1,875,660.00 Mandragora Flower Card 2,077,839.00 Meta Ant Egg Card 2,959,674.00 Drainliar Card 3,567,421.00 Marc Card 3,638,688.00 Menblatt Card 4,828,225.00 BLUE CARDS -------------------- Dustiness Card 1,411,198.00 Bathory Card 1,487,099.00 Stem Worm Card 1,487,638.00 Teddy Bear Card 1,489,894.00 Pirate Skeleton Card 1,492,248.00 Ferus Card 1,493,385.00 Vitata Card 1,493,687.00 Kobold Card 1,497,962.00 Sandman Card 1,509,915.00 Swordfish Card 1,512,680.00 Eggyra Card 1,512,976.00 Myst Card 1,513,807.00 Evil Druid Card 1,524,049.00 Phen Card 1,533,732.00 Steam Goblin Card 1,557,737.00 Hode Card 1,570,502.00 Succubus Card 1,597,606.00 Peco Peco Card 1,661,070.00 Marse Card 1,665,366.00 Creamy Card 1,742,435.00 Luciola Vespa Card 1,831,271.00 Dark Shadow Card 1,950,155.00 Draco Card 1,966,745.00 Soldier Skeleton Card 2,047,288.00 Goblin Archer Card 2,131,520.00 Pasana Card 2,144,842.00 Aqua Elemental Card 2,524,982.00 Mandragora Card 2,979,385.00 Incubus Card 3,202,314.00 Wind Ghost Card 3,909,596.00 Marine Sphere Card 3,969,606.00 Deviruchi Card 3,991,537.00 Whisper Card 5,431,387.00 Thara Frog Card 5,890,805.00 Desert Wolf Card 5,995,944.00 Raydric Card 9,975,907.00 Hydra Card 11,729,131.00 Baphomet Jr. Card 11,985,887.00 Minorous Card 12,221,640.00 Archer Skeleton Card 12,571,083.00 
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2018.12.12 15:20 MysteriousTrial Need suggestions from monyet-monyet yang pandai "jalan-jalan cari makan". Tak kira halal ke atau tak halal. Tak kira di East Malaysia atau West Malaysia. Asalkan ia SEDAP.

Hey, monyet sekalian. I was thinking of going for a Malaysian food tour around Malaysia (maybe not going all the places at the same time but will visit all the places eventually) since I doesn't have much money for constant overseas vacation. Below is a list that I used to use as recommendations for foreign tourists. I have post in MalaysianFood but it seem to be dead. Hopefully such post doesn't violate this sub-reddit's rules.

So, I am thinking to ask monyet sekalian if my recommendations as below still valid or have they become "basi"/outdated place to eat? Appreciate if you guys could give suggestion for missing place to eat or missing food to eat in the list.

Dessert / Snack / Kuih (a bite size snack/dessert)

You could get this as listed below at roadside stall or at Pasar malam (Night Market) - List of Night Markets in KL/PJ (Not sure if it is up to date):
You should be able to find as below at Peranakan/Baba Nyonya restaurant/stall such as Nyonya Color (a franchise available in most shopping mall in KL), Limapulo: Baba Can Cook restaurant at KL, Precious Old China in Central Market which is near to Petaling Street
at quite a number of shops/stalls in Malacca such as Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake and Penang
you could also get some of the listed below sold by roadside stall
Below would be tricky as it is usually a state/area/region specialty:
I used to find this easily available by the roadside, at the "dry" area of Malaysia's wet market (not supermarket/hypermarket) or at night market, sold by elderly Chinese with Youtiao/You Char Kway/ Cakoi/Chinese oil stick but it getting rarer in Kuala Lumpur but still quite common in Penang and Ipoh, Perak (as far as I know). In KL, its easily available at a franchise named I Love Yoo! or at Yuen Ting restaurant at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya:
You could get this as listed below at hawker stall/centre or roadside stall or night market, usually sold by Chinese:
You could get this as listed below at hawker stall/centre or roadside stall:


Rice Dishes

Dishes (As in variety of food served with white rice. A typical Asian meal usually for dinner *May includes some exotic ingredients especially for Westerners)


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2018.05.29 23:33 MeistJ The fall of the Red Men

"Why do we fight the Red Men?" -asked Muka to her husband
"Because we must" -replied Comak who was busy polishing his new shield.
"Because they have raided Astari lands for as long as we can remember." -he added, feeling it was a better answer
"But why must YOU fight them?" -she asked in a whiny voice
"Because this time it will be different, never in Astari history has land been so scarce. Our people are choking, without new lands, we will be fighting against each other within a generation. We do not seek to raid the Red Men as both our people have been doing since countless times, we seek to annihilate them. Their land shall become our land, their men killed or sold into slavery to the Magmi traders, some of their women will be taken as wives, those who are too old or ugly will follow the men into slavery." -he replied, finally putting down his shield.
The artisan had done a fine job, his wooden shield had been almost entirely covered in copper, with the crane of his tribe hammered in the middle, making it glisten in the sunlight. Surely the Red Men would flee in terror when they witnessed such a magnificent shield.
Muka was satisfied with his reply, she had been born pretty and had married Comak when he was but a chieftain's third son. Fate had made Comak his father's sole heir, she wanted a good future for her 7 children. If that better future required the destruction of a neighboring tribe, it was a price she was willing to pay.
Little did she know that fate had a tendency to repeat itself. The Red men would indeed be evicted from their land, scattered, enslaved or integrated within Astari families over the course of a century. But Comak would never return, his great copper shield had made him a bright target that day, he was struck in the neck during an ambush. Ironically of the four sons that had accompanied him, only the youngest would survive the raids.
As the Astari came to settle the shores of this provinces, they were quite impressed by the fertility and richness of these lands. It was puzzling to the Astari that the Red Men had ever felt the need to raid their neighbors. Large swathes of the land was covered in rich clayey soil that was ideal for most crops. Trees bearing figs, dates, persimmons and various nuts grew in the wild and quickly grew in popularity.
Over years, Astari settlements built on the lakeshore would help facilitate trade over the great lake between Magmi, Astari and Kujirans.
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2018.03.30 16:01 Numberfox Kirby Star Allies: The Development Struggles HAL Went Through

35 hours in and still hooked on the game, today I'd like to address some very valid criticisms of Kirby Star Allies. To many, the incredibly complex sub-games of past 3DS Kirby titles are conspicuous by their absence in Kirby Star Allies. Both 3DS mainline titles featured surprisingly in-depth sub-games, from a rhythm game to creating a proof-of-concept full 3D Kirby. By comparison, the two sub-games in Kirby Star Allies seem lacking. While one button games are great for newcomers, the only substantial modes in Star Allies being the story mode and post-game modes is odd. The main campaign of the Switch release is also noticeably shorter compared to the 3DS titles. I'd like to explain why all that's the case, looking at the development cycles of HAL Laboratory, starting post-Return to Dreamland.
After Return to Dreamland was released on the Wii, the mainline Kirby development team decided to tackle the new Nintendo handheld, the 3DS, with Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Being on a new system, they decided to change how they divided up the content. Now that the series was back on handheld, they decided to forgo all multiplayer content in story mode, putting it exclusively in another mode. Instead of having all the sub-games be tied to the overall story mode, they were now split off, similar to Super Star and its remake. Now, as soon as you start the game, you had the option of three modes: regular story mode, a Smash-like multiplayer fighter Kirby Fighters, and the rhythm game Dedede's Drum Dash, with more modes unlocked once you beat the story mode. After the release, they decided to fully develop the two side modes into standalone downloadable titles on the Nintendo eShop later that year. Once that was done, all hands were on deck for one of the best Kirby titles in the franchise, Kirby: Planet Robobot.
Kirby: Planet Robobot is easily considered the best of the three Return to Dreamland Era Kirby titles at that time. It had basically the entire mainline Kirby development team behind it and a near 2 years of sole development since Rainbow Curse was mainly designed by a sub-game director of Return to Dreamland, assisted by Nintendo SPD developers. Planet Robobot perfected all the concepts that were introduced in Triple Deluxe in its story mode, and its sub-games were incredibly ambitious, featuring the action-RPG Team Kirby Clash and for the first time ever, a full 3D Kirby, Kirby 3D Rumble. Unfortunately, this ideal development team was split up as soon as the new Nintendo console released, the Nintendo Switch.
Kirby: Triple Deluxe had both its sub-games fleshed out and shipped on the same day, a few months after its release, with much of the same development team just working on it post-release. However, with the majority of Nintendo’s developers full-throttle working on amazing Switch titles, Nintendo needed some titles for the 3DS. The 3DS was still selling well. To ensure the 3DS still had titles being regularly developed and released, HAL provided a lot of content, literally releasing 4 3DS titles in 2017 alone, 3 of which were developed by the mainline Kirby team. A lot of the development team of Planet Robobot had to be divided up to now fully work on all these different titles, as well as getting Kirby on the Switch by March to have a big early 2018 release.
Bye-Bye! BOXBOY! was the first release in 2017 in February, directed by Yasuhiro Mukae, one of the two Section Directors of Planet Robobot, and not working at all on Kirby Star Allies. Team Kirby Clash Deluxe came next in April, directed by Yumi Todo, the other Section Director, now only the lead of the UI Design for Kirby Star Allies. Kirby Blowout Blast released in July, directed by Tatsuya Kamiyama, Sequence Director for both Planet Robobot and Star Allies, albeit now juggling two projects for the latter. Kirby Battle Royale released in November, directed by Tadashi Kawai, who thankfully has no immediately obvious relation to the mainline Kirby titles like everyone else. But keep in mind, these are just the directors of these 3DS titles. For many of the employees who worked on Planet Robobot, they either had to to work on Star Allies in tandem with a spin-off, or potentially not help with Star Allies at all. The main level designer of both Planet Robobot and Star Allies, Yutaka Watanabe, was also the main level designer for Kirby: Blowout Blast, which featured full 3D levels for a 3D Kirby experience. The main director of all the recent mainline Kirby games, Shinya Kumazaki, is still credited as a General Director for all the Kirby spin-off titles in 2017, except for Kirby Battle Royale. The list just goes on, and on.
There is no doubt in my mind, that Kirby Star Allies could have easily been a superior game to Planet Robobot. The development team had basically perfected the mainline Kirby formula, and given the same circumstances for the Switch, Star Allies could have been the best Kirby title to date. HAL is a relatively small development team of 156 employees though. They had to work excessively to literally produce 5 Nintendo titles since Planet Robobot released. I personally really enjoy Kirby Star Allies, and feel it was worth the purchase. However, It is completely understandable to be disappointed by this newest title. I feel like with how substantial the first wave of free DLC has been, the developers are doing a lot post-release to give the base title more substantial content, but only time will tell how it will look once it's all done. Hopefully you now know why Kirby Star Allies seems less ambitious than Planet Robobot.
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2015.12.08 08:58 Shamc12 LIHAMNGPAG-IBIG

UNANG ARAW SA ESKUWELA ! Isang private school ang paaralang pinag-aaralan ko kung saan tatlong palapag ang taas na pinagkakasyahan ng sampong silid aralan ang bawat palapag. Ang faculty office , registrar office at Dean’s office ay madadaanan bago makapasok sa unang palapag sa pinakababa. Napapalibutan ito ng naglalakihang gusali at ang main gate nito ay nasa gawing harap ng naturang gusali kung saan isang malaking kalsada ang bumubulaga. Araw ng Linggo noon ng magsimula ang pasukan naminsa klase, bali noong nakaraang lingo ay nag-enroll kami ng mga kaibigan ko ng 3rd year high school.Sa ikalawang palapag sa bandang dulo sa kanan ang aming Classroom. Tulad ng kadalasan, tuwing umaga ay maaga akong dumarating sa klase hindi para sa kung anuman kundi para maglinis at mag ayos ng mga upuan sa silid paaralan namin, alas siyete na ng makatapos kami magwales ng dalawa kong kaibigan na dumating sa kalagitnaan ng aking paglilinis nang tumunog ang bell sabay pagkarinig sa lalaking nagsasabing “Ang Pamabansang Awit ng Pilipinas.” Nagsitayuan kami at karugtong noon ay inawit namin ang Pambansang awit. Mula 1st year ko dito ay yaon na ang aming flag ceremony ang pagtayo ng matuwid naming mga estudyante sa bawat silid sa loob ng paaralan sapagkat walang playground sa aming paaralan. Nang mag Alas siyete biyente na ay lahat na ng mga estudyanting enrolled sa section na kinalagyan ko ay nasa loob na at ang aming guro sa first period na si ma’am Physical, yan kasi ang tawag naming sa kanya mula noong maging PE subject namin siya sa second year, palagi kasi niyang nababanggit ang Physical tuwing nasa loob siya ng klase. Sa section namin ay si Nash at Yanah lang ang kakilala ko ang lahat ay familiar lang ngunit hindi ka-close at marami ring una lang sa paningin ko. Tulad ng laging ginagawa sa unang araw sa eskuwela, pinakikilala sa amin ni ma’am Physical ang bawat isa, isa-isa kaming pupunta sa unahan para i-introduce ang aming sarili. Nang ako na ang pumunta sa harap ay subrang laki ng kaba sa dibdib ko, yon bang para akong natutunaw sa lamig, na yong tuhod ko ay nangingilay na, ewan ko kung bakit ganoon ang aking naramdaman na para bang una ko lang ‘tong ginawa. Lalo pang nadaragdagan ang nararamdaman ko nang mapasulyap ako sa isang mukang ngayon ko lang nakita, panay ang titig sa akin, binaling ko ang paningin ko sa ibang kaklase, hindi ko tuloy mabigkas-bigkas yong sasabihin ko, nauutal ako’t nabubulol, tiningnan kong muli ang mukang iyon ngunit nakatitig parin sa pagmumuka ko, naiinis at nahihiya tuloy ako, napalitan ang aking panlalamig ng pag-iinit ng aking buong katawan, malakas ang tibok ng puso ko at hindi ko maipaliwanag ang aking nararamdaman, nilakasan ko ang loob ko at pilit na sinabi ang aking pangalan at edad “Ako si Leah C. Dimakuta, 18 years old.” yaon lamang at pumunta na ako sa aking upuan kung saan katabi ko ang dalawa kong kaibigan, kasabay ng paghakbang ko ang palakpakan ng mga bago kong kaklase. Sumunod naman sa pagpapakilala si Nash ang banda sa aking kanan, tapos na kasi si Yanah noong bago ako magpakilala. Pag kaupo ni Nash ay sinundan ito ng iba pa naming kaklase, pinakahuling nagpakilala ang lalaking una ko lang nakita na nakatitig sa akin kanina lang, nagpakilala siya pagkatapos kaming batiin ng magandang araw, isa pala siya sa mga transferes kaya hindi familiar ang kanyang muka. Kung magsalita siya ay parang laki sa Maynila, sanay na sanay magtagalog, ngalan niya pala ay Kristian Diaz, is siyang kristiano ka-edad ko din siya. Bakit kaya kahit nasa upuan na ako ay malakas parin ang tibok ng puso ko? Sa isip ko lamang at napahawak ako sa dibdib ko, habang iniisip ko kung bakit, napatingin siya sakin at ako nama’y nakatingin sa kawalan na nasa direksiyon niya.“Uuuyy! Ayyyee!”halos sabay-sabay na bigkas ng mga kaklase ko pati ng mga kaibigan ko. Napatingin ako sa kanila sabay baba ng kamay ko.
Sa ikatlong araw namin sa klase ay pina-transfere kami ni ma’am Physical na siya ring adviser naming sa kabilang silid, nagpalit sila ng kabilang adviser mas marami raw kasi ang estudyante niya na kakasya sa silidnamin, pinaunlakan naman ni ma’am sapagkat kakasya naman kami sa kabilang silid. Panay ang pang-aasar sa akin ng dalawa kong kaibigan,idol na idol ko kasi yaong leading man ni Kathryn Bernardo sa Mara Calara na si Kristian kaya’t inaasar nila sa akin si Kristian lalo pa’t nang pumasok na kami sa kabilang silid ay niging mas malapit kami ng kinauupuan ni Kristian. Nang matapos ang apat na sunud-sunod naming subjects ay alas diyes na ng umaga at break time na kaya’t pumunta kami sa Canteen upang bumili ng makakain. “Leah, what if may pagtingin siya sayo?” wika ni Nash. “E di manligaw.” Mabilis na sinabi ni Yanah. “Ano ba kayo, mga sira?”. Pang-aasar parin ang inihalili sa akin ng mga kaibigan ko, habang pababa kami sa hagdanan papunta sa Canteen.Sa looblooban ko napakasaya ko, at gusto kong inaasar nila sa akin si Kris pero kunwari’y nagagalit ako o sinusungitan ko sila pag-inaasar sa akin.
Paglipas ng dalawang buwan, nang maging kaibigan ni Kris ang ilan sa mga kaklase naming adik sa dota, lagi nalamang siya lumiliban sa klase dahil nakikisama na sa kanila kaya’t naging hilig niya din. Mabuti narin at medyo nalilimutan ng mga kaibigan ko na asarin ako tungkol kay Kris, noong una halos isigaw pa nila sa loob ng paaralan ang pangalang “Kris at Leah” ginuguhit pa sa blackboard ang hugis puso’t nakasulat ang “Kris love Leah.” Ngunit ngayon madalas lumilipas ang araw ko ng hindi ko man lang naririnig ang pangalang Kris sa kanila. Natandaan ko tuloy noong maghiram siya sa akin ng note book ko sa Chemistry kilangan kasi niyang kumupya ng mga lecture dahil malapit na ang exam namin, nang ibalik niya ay may sulat sa gitna na “Thank you Leah.” Na may nakaguhit na napaka-cute na smiley.Sa loob ko namimis ko siya hindi ko alam kung bakit iyon ang nararamdaman ko, marahil ay dahil Crush ko nga talaga siya kaya lagi nalang hinahanap ng mata ko ang pagmumuka niya.
Sa mga nagdaan pang mga buwan ang paghanga ko kay Kris ay nanatili parin. Ngunit isang umaga ng nagwawalis ako sa loob ngaming silid ng may mapulot akong nakatuping papael napalunok ako nang mabasa ko ang nakasulat sa ibabaw nito, “To my lovelots Kris” at sa ibaba nito ay nakasulat ang “Marry-am” na may lagda, binuklat ko parin at binasa ang nilalaman.
“ Kulit, salamat sa regalo mo ah, yon ang pinakagusto ko sa lahat ng natanggap kong regalo. Wag kakalimutang kumain ah. I love you Kulit, muwah!”
Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang aking naramdaman nang mabasa ko ang sulat na’yon, parabagang nahulog ako mula sa langit at natusok ako ng isang matulis na bagay na kinahulugan sa akin at yong puso ko ay para bang hinihiwahiwa ng isang kutsilyo, ramdam na ramdam ko yon. Napaupo ako sa isang silyang nasa likuran ko atnaala-ala ko yung mga sulyap-sulyap ni Kris sa akin noon na sa pamamagitan niyon’y umaasa akong Crush niya din ako, ngayon’y nabatid ko nang si Marry-am pala ang Crush niya, ang babaing ubod ng ganda sa amin. Alam kong maling-mali ang nararamddaman ko, na hindi talaga pwedeng maramdaman ko iyon pero susubukan ko lang namang mahalin siya dahil naniniwala akong sa pagmamahal walang mali at walang hindi tama kung ang dalawang tao ay nagmamahalan. Napalingon ako sa gawing kanan nang may kumatok sa pinto kahit hindi naman sarado. “Sampong sigundo na akong naririto pero di mo parin ako namamalayan.” Wika ni Nash “Nakasimangot at para kang kinapos palad. Ano ba ang pinagdadalamhati mo riyan?” pagpapatuloy sa sinabi habang lumalapit sa akin, hindi ko na siya nagawang sagutin, napansin niya ang papel na hawak ko pa, kinuha niya ito at binasa. “Leah, marami pa namang gwapo dito sa school.Mas gwapo pa kay sa kanya.” Sabay haplos sa kamay ko. “Ewan ko ba Nash, alam ko namang hindi maari kahit gusto pa niya ako diba?” sagot ko. “Alam natin yan.” “Pero bakit hindi ko matanggap? Bakit hindi ko mapigilan ang nararamdaman ko? Bakit nang mabasa ko yan, ito ang naramdaman ko? Tapos ngayon galit ako kay Marry-am.” “Bakit ka namang galit sa kanya?” “Bakit kasi sa dinamirami ng mga babae dito sa school ay siya pa?” “Kung ibang babae ba hindi ka magagalit?” Napatingin ako sa kanya, sa isip ko tama siya, magagalit parin naman ako sa sinumang babaing mahal niya. “Move on Leah, Crush lang naman yan e.” niyakap ako ng kaibigan ko, tama siya bakit ako ganito hindi ko naman hawak ang buhay ni Kris, tanggapin ko nalang na si Marry-am ang gusto at mahal niya. Lumipas ang maraming araw nang si Kris at Marry-am ay lagi kong nakikita sa loob ng klase, nagpapalitan ng Love letters, sabay papasok, sabay ring lumalabas tuwing break time at tanghalian, mahirap sakin na limutin ang nararamdaman ko kay Kris pero buong tapang kong ginawa, hindi na rin siya naghihiram ng notebook sa akin, hindi ko alam kung nalaman ba niyang gusto ko siya kaya iniiwasan niya ako o pinaiwas siya ni Marry-am sakin. Pero kahit hindi kami close ni Marry-am nakipagkaibigan ako, ayaw ko kasing isipin niyang insecure ako sa kanya dahil alam niyang simula palang gusto ko ang nobyo niya, madals kasi niyang marinig ang dalawa kong kaibigan noong panay ang pang-aasar sakin kay Kris. Lumipas angmga buwan na naging komportable na ako sa pakikisama kay Kris at Marry-am at pinatunayan kong ako ang pinakamagaling sa 3rd year kaya lagi akong nangunguna sa top list, kaya naman noong pagdating ng awarding sa graduation day ay ako ang high honor sa 3rdyear.
Paglipas ng dalawang buwang bakasyon ay nag-enrolled kami ng 4th year, nahuli akong mag-enrolled at hindi ako nakasabay kay Yanah at Nash kaya ngayon ay hindi na kami iisa ng silid aralan, sila ang naunang mag-enrolled kaya sa kabilang section sila nalagay, ako naman dahil napuno na yong walong anim na section para sa mga dating estudyante ay nalagay ako sa section ng mga bago. Madalas akong puriin ng mga guro namin sa mga bago kong kaklase, magkatabi kami ni Jenny ng upuan at si Iyah naman at ang dalawang pa sa kaklase namin ay nasa bandang kanan rin. Naging magkakaibigan kami ng mga kaklase ko, madalas kasi silang lumalapit sa akin dahil iyon ang bilin ng mga guro namin. Kaya nang araw ng pagpilisa mga manunungkulan sa loob ngaming klase ay ako ang ginawa nilang presidente, hindi ako makatanggi dahil pinagsang-ayunan nilang lahat, tinanggap ko nalang ang disisyon nila, at inako ang katungkulan bilang presidente nila. Isang umaga ng maaga akong pumasok, nagwawales kami non ni Jenny na dumating din ng maaga dahil kami ang naka-eskidiyul na magwawales. Mabilis kaming nakatapos at magsaayos ng mga upuan nang may ibigay siyang sulat sa akin.
“Hi Leah,isang ,magandang umaga sa iyo. Kumusta ka na, ?awkward kung sabihin kong namimis kita, pero gusto ko paring sabihin. -I Miss You Leah- Sana magreply ka.”
Your secret admirer.
Hindi ko alam kung saan galing ang sulat na ito kaya nagtanong kay Jenny.“Jenny saan galing ‘to?” “Ayaw niyang ipasabi kung sino siya e.” “Pakibalik mo nalang kung ganun.” “Hindi naman siguro masama kung replayan mo di ba?” “Hindi ko naman alam kung sino siya.” “Bakit di mo replayan at itanong sa kanya?” Kinukulit ko si Jenny kung sino talag pero ayaw niyang sabihin kaya pinagwalang bahala ko na ang liham na iyon. Ipinasauli ko nalang kay Jenny. Nang recess na ay bumaba kami ni Jenny para bumili ng Binggo at C2 na pang snack namin, sa likuran namin ay naroon si Kris at ang mga kaibigan niya, nakisabay sila sa amin ni Jenny at bibili rin daw sila ng makakain nila. Si Jenny at Kris pala ay matalik na magkaibigan at magkalapit ang kanilang bahay. “Leah, kumusta kana?” wika ni Kris na sa gawing kaliwa ko. “Mabuti naman.Ikaw?” “Okey lang din naman.” ika niya na may ngiti sa kanyang pagmumuka. Nagpatuloy ang aming pag-uusap at nakisawsaw sina Jenny at mga kaibigan ni Kris, nang dumating kami sa Canteen at nang bibili na kami ay inunahan kami ni Kris,.”Libre ko kayo lahat.” Wika niya. “Wow mayaman!” sambat ni Jenny. “Hindi naman sa mayaman ako. Hindi ko pa kasi kayo nalilibre e.” “Talaga bang libre mo?” panigurado ko. “Oo nga e.” sagot niya. Nagsi-order ang mga kaibigan niya pati narin siya, kami naman ni Jenny hindi na kami nagpapilit, bukod sa kaibigan at kaklase ko naman siya noong nakaraang taon ay matalik pa silang magkaibigan ni Jenny. Pagkatapos namin sa klase ay nagsiuwian na kami, mayroon pa kaming mga takdang aralin na kailangan naming maipasa bukas. Kinagabihan, sa bahay pagkatapos kong kumain ay binuklat ko ang mga kwaderno ko, tinapos ko nang sagutin ang mga takdang aralin namin bago ako natulog. Kinabukasan nang dahil maaga akong pumapasok sa eskuwelahan nadatnan ko sa silya ko ang isang liham na may nakasulat na “To my admirer, Leah Dimakuta.” Binuksan ko at binasa ko ang laman.
“Umagang kay ganda, Leah. Marahil ay nagtataka ka kung sino ako, isa ako sa mga kaibigang may lihim na pagtingin sa iyo noon pa hindi nga lang ako nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob noon kaya ito dinadaan ko sa sulat ngayon.
Leah, para kang Alarm Clock. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi ikaw ang gumigising sa natutulog kong puso.”
Your secret admirer
Hindi ko alam pero napangiti ako sa sulat ngayon, nadatnan ni Jenny na nagwawales ako kahit hindi ako ang naka-eskidiyul na maglilinis ngayon dahil sa maaga akong pumapasok at ako ang nauuna ay naglilinis na ako, kaya pagdating ng mga kaklase ko ay wala na silang lilinisin. Tulad parin ng mga nakaraang araw na palagi parin kaming binibigyan ng sakit sa ulo ng mga guro namin, lalo na sa Math, ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi maintindihan ng mga kaklase ko ang pagtatalakay ni ma’am sa pagsolve ng logarithm, napakasimple pa naman kaya ang nabibingi ako sa kakatanong ng mga kaklase ko pag-iniiwan kami ni ma’am, mabait kasi si ma’am Mathey dahil iniiwan niya kami pagnaibigay ang problem na isusolve naming.
Isang araw ng naglilinis kami ng silid aralin namin at magdi-decorate para sa nutrition day namin habang nakaupo ako sa isang silya sa bandang sulok at naggugupit ako ng kartulina ay lumapit sa akin si Jenny ibinigay sa akin ang isang liham. Hindi ko na iyon binasa roon sa school at iniuwi ko na sa bahay, nang nasa loob ako ng silid ko ay binasa ko ang liham. “Pangatlo kong sulat ito sa’yo. Sasabihin ko ang pangalan ko pero sana pagkabasa mo nito ay magreply ka. Ako si Kris, ang kaklase, kaibigan, at tagahanga mo. Gusto kong sabihing gustong gusto kita…..”
Secret admirer, Kris.
Pagkabasa ko sa liham na iyon, biglang bumalik lahat ng nararamdaman ko sa kanya na matagal ko ng kinalimutan, ang pagkagusto kong makita siya, ang nararamdaman ko sa kanya noong 3rd year pa kami ay bumalik at nadaragdagan ng kilig. Hindi ko napigilan ang sarili ko at isinulat ng mga kamay ko gamit ang isang ballpen sa isang malinis na papel ang nararamdaman ko. Binigay ko ang sulat na iyon kay Jenny at sinabi kong ibigay niya kay Kris. Simula nang replayan ko ang liham niya, nasundan iyon ng malalambing at panunuyong sulat, malimit kasi kaming magkita dahil magkaiba kami ng section, isa pa kapag nagkikita kami nahihiya kami sa isa’t isa hindi tulad noong dati na nagpapalitan kami ng katag tuwing magkakasalubong, ngayon ay palitan nalang ng ngiti, sa liham niya idinaan ang panliligaw niya sa akin, pinahintulutan ko na kasi siyang ligawan ako, hindi ko kasi mapigilan ang nararamdaman ko kaya hinayaan ko nalang kahit mali naniniwala parin ako na walang mali at walang hindi tama kung ang dalawang tao ay nagmamahalan. Lahat ng pinapadala niyang sulat ay kinikilig ako ng tudo sa mga iyon, napapangiti ako na para baga akong isang baliw pagbinabasa ko iyon lalo na sa mga pickup-lines na kalakip nito. Ito ang isa sa kanyang mga pinapadalang sulat.
“Mahal kong Leah, Alam mo bang sa tagal na panahong pinaghihintay mo ako ay mas lalong lumalalim ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo. Hindi mahahadlangan ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo sapagkat ikaw at ikaw lamang ang sinisigaw ni’tong puso ko, ikaw ang laman ng aking panaginip, at sa paggising ko ikaw ang iniisip. Ikaw nanga ang hinahanap ng puso ang siyang nagbibigay ng saya at nang tamis sa buhay ko. Sana’y batid mo ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo.”
Kalakip nito ang isasa nagpakilig sa akin na pickup-line niya.
“Leah, Marunong ka bang Lumangoy? -Bakit? Kasi malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko sa’yo.”
Alam kong hindi na uso ang ligawan sa pamamagitan ng liham pero yon parin ang paraang ginawa niya sa panliligaw niya sa akin, dito ko napagtanto na mas nakakakilig palang basahin ang mga malalambing na salitaan sa liham kaysa malalambing na palitan ng salitaan sa texts. Dumating yong oras na sinagot ko siya, at sa pamamagitan din ng liham at ang araw na iyon ay kaarawan niya, Sityembre 07 2014, Ika-pito ng umaga, ‘yon na rin ang ginawa kong regalo para sa kaniya. Nilibre niya kami sa araw na iyon, hiningi niyang lumabas kami dalawa pero hindi ko siya pinayagan, yaon kasi ang unang experience ko sa lovelife kaya hindi ako handang lumabas na kami lang dalawa naunawaan naman niya iyon. Lumipas ang mga araw na masaya at nakakakilig angaming palitan ng salitaan, may mga araw din na nagpaturo siya sa akin sa Math dahil minsan akong napagalitan ni ma’am Mathey noong malaman niyang binibigyan ko si Kris ng papel na sinagutan ko para makupiya niya.
“Bukas na ba ang uwi mo sa bayan niyo?” tanong niya sa akin noong nakaupo kami sa mga upuan doon sa Canteen. “Oo, siyanga pala hindi tayo pwedeng magtextan sa loob ng isang buwan.” “Bakit naman?Ang tagal naman, isang buwan pa talaga.” “Kasi hindi nga pwede.Maiintindihan mo rin.” Pagkatapos ng pag-uusap namin ay pumunta na kami sa aming silid aralan, tapos na kasi ang break time, at marami namang ibibilin ang mga guro na tatrabahuin namin para sa isang buwan na bakasyon. Doon ako magbabakasyon sa lugar ng lola kokay nanay, at dahil mahaba ang biyahe papunta roon ay umuwi ako kaagad pagkatapos ng sandaling pamamaalam namin sa aming mga guro.
Paglipas ng isang buwan, araw ng linggo noon nan g bumalik ako sa bahay kaya gaya ng napagkasunduan namin nila Jenny na lalabas kami at ililibre niya ako. Sa isang restaurant malapit sa paaralan namin ay kumain kami ni Jenny, libre niya iyon kaya nagpakabusog ako. Habang kumakain kami dada siya ng dada. “Alam mo ba Leah na nahospital si Kris noong nakaraang buwan?” “Nahospital? Hindi ko alam? Nagkasakit ba siya o ano? “Dahil sa gutom. Nag fasting rin kasi siya ng limang araw noong unang linggo ng fasting.” Paliwanag ni Jenny. “Bakit niya ginawa iyon, hindi pa niya sinasabi sa akin.” Umuwi akong nag-aalala pagkatapos naming kumain at mag-usap ni Jenny. Nagmadali akong umuwi at ni-charge ko ang cellphone ko nalubat kasi walang ilaw sa lugar nila lola, nagload narin ako at tinawagan ko siya nang mapa-turnon ko ito, mabuti nalang at walang tao sa bahay kundi ako lang. Nag-usap kami nang masagot niya ito, tinanong ko na rin kong bakit niya ginawa yong sinabi sakin ni Jenny. “Leah, wag kang magagalit, mahal kita at alam mo yon, kaya ginagawa ko ang lahat para lang mapatunayan ko kung gaano kita kamahal. Alam kong hindi mo sinasabing mali at bawal na mahalin kayo ng tulad ko, pero Leah handa akong gawin ang lahat para lang sayo.” “Kris naman.” Wala akong maisagot sa mga sinabi niya bigla akong natauhan, oo mahal ko siya pero hindi ko akalaing sisiriyusuhin niya iyon, akala ko ay puppy love lang an gaming pag-iibigan, ngunit bakit yon ang maririnig ko. Masaya ako sa mga narinig ko pero kasabay nito ang takot sa aking puso.
Sabi nga nila, walang sikrito na hindi nabubunyag. Isang araw nang ihatid ako ni Kris sa crossing malapit sa amin ay nakasalubong namin si nanay. Nataranta ako napatalikod, matinding takot ang naramdaman ko kaya hindi ako makaharap. “Leah, anak?” wika ni nanay. “nan-----ay.” Napasagot ako, hindi ko napigilan ang bibig ko na masambit yaon at nalingon ko. “Sino itong kasama mo?” sabay turo kay Kris na nakatayo malapit sa akin. “um---, hindi ko--- ‘nay-- kaklase ko po.” “Kris po ang pangalan ko, kinagagalang ko po kayong makilala.” Sabad ni Kris. Pilit na ngiti ang itinugon sa kanya ni nanay at kinalabit ako hindi na ako nakapagpaalam ng maayos kay Kris. Nang dumating kami sa bahay ay galit na galit ang nanay ko nandoon pa ang papa ko. “Yon ba ang sinasabi nilang nobyo mo na isang Kristiyan? Wag mo nang ilihim dahil alam na naming, akala mob a maililihim mo sa amin? Leah alam mong mali ang ginagawa mo?” galit na wika ni nanay. “Nauto k aba ng mga liham na ito?” sabad ni papa. “Pinalaki ka naming mabuti at inalagaan, pinag-aral para matuto.Ganiyan ba kahina yang utak mo?Malaki kana at alam mong hindi kita pinahihintulutan magnobyo, dahil bawal sa lahi natin ang magnobyo lalo na nang isang Kristiyano!” Wala na akong maisagot, napaiyak ako napaupo hindi alam ang gagawin, naghihintay ng parusa mula sa magulang ko. Tinanggap ko ang parusa nila sa akin. Mula noong araw na iyon, hindi na ako nagparamdam kay Kris, nagpalit ako ng SIM card, lagi akong nagpapahuli sa klase. Isang araw nagpadala siya ng sulat kay Jenny ngunit hindi ko binasa at tinapon ko sa basurahan. Madalas niya akong tinatanong kay Jenny sinabi k okay Jenny ang kalagayan ko at bilang kaibigan niya initindi niya ako. Iniiwasan ko na siya, gumagawa ako ng paraan para hindi niya ako makita. Martes nang hindi ko akalaing aabangan niya ako sa gate ng aming paaralan. “Leah, mag-usap tayo.”Sabi niya habang hinahabol niya ako papasok. “Wala tayong dapat pag-usapan, at utang na loob wag mo na akong hahabulin.” Napaiyak ako ng sabihin ko iyon sa kanya, labag sa kalooban ko ang sinasabi ko sa kanya. Napamahal ako sa kaniya ng tudo kahit alam kong yon ang pinakamali sa lahat ng mali. Wala siyang nagawa kundi sundan ako hanggang makapasok sa silid aralan namin. Nang pauwi na ako inabangan niya ako sa krosing na kinakitaan sa amin ni nanay, diritso lang ako sa paglalakad ngunit napatigil ako nang lumuhod siya. “Ano ba yang ginagawa mo? Tumayo ka riyan at umuwi ka na! sayang lang ang pagod mo at ang oras mo!” “Hindi ako tatayo rito kapag hindi ka nakipag-usap ng maliwanag sa akin.” Habang nagsasalita ay umiiyak. “Kris, sinasayang mo lang ang oras mo dahil wala itong hahantungan! Matagal na tayong wala, yan ang tandaan mo.” Mabilis akong tumakbo pauwi at umiiyak, iniwan ko siyang nakaluhod sa kalsada.
Biyernes ng hapon nang maglakasloob pumunta sa bahay si Kris. “Leah, mag-usap tayo!” Narinig ng papa ko at bumaba siya ng pagbuksan niya ng gate ay pinagalitan niya, “Hindi k aba nakakaintindi? Layuan mo ang anak ko dahil hindi kayo pwede, isa kang Kristiyano!” “’Tay, mahal ko po si Leah, gagawin kop o ang lahat para sa kanya.” Ang buong tapang na sagot ni Kris sa papa ko. “Ang lakas din ng loob mo! Ito ang tatandaan mo mula sa araw na ito tantanan mo na ang anak ko! Wag mong guluhin ang buhay niya! Walang hiya ka, pinarusahan ko ang kaisa-isa kong anak dahil sayo! Wag na wag kang babalik at kalimutan mo na ang anak ko kung hindi, pupugutan kita ng ulo, pasalamat ka’t hindi ko ginawa sayo yon e.” Dinig na dinig ko ang pagtataboy at galit ni papa kay Kris dahil nasa kuwarto ako’t nakakulong. Sa bintana nasilip ko ang mangiyak-iyak na muka ni Kris, nang pagsarahan siya nang pinto ni papa’y napatingin siya sa bintana ng aking silid, nakita niya ako, napakalungkot ng kanyang muka, umiiyak, umiiyak ddin ako, ilang Segundo ang lumipas nang malungkot siyang tumalikod at naglakad na pauwi, sinundan ko nalang ng tanaw ang kanyang bawat hakbang kasabay ng di mpigilpigil na pagtulo ng aking luha. Hindi ko siya magawang habulin ni tawagin ang kanyang pangalan, buong araw akong nagkulong sa kwarto. Mula kasinong araw na masalubong kami ni nanay ay lagi akong nakakulong sa kuwarto. Sa paaralan lang ang aking nilalabasan, at limitado ang oras ko. Papasukin nila ako ng ikapito’t dalawampong minuto tuwing umaga at pinapauwi pagkatapos na pagkatapos n gaming klase iyon ang parusa sa aking nagawang kasalanan. Takot ako sa mga magulang ko, lumaki akong lagi silang sinusunod, minsan ko lang sila nasuway at yon ay ang pagnonobyo nang hindi ko pa kalahi. Lumipas ang mga panahong ganun ang takbo ng pamumuhay ko. Ang mga liham na natanggap ko mula kay Kris ay sinunog ko sa aming bakuran upang sa gayon ay wala akong malilingong ala-ala mula sa kanya.unti-unti ko na ring natanggap ang mga pangyayari. Minsankong nang nasasalubong si Kris. Kung noon ay nagbabatian kami, at dumating sa punto na nagngingitian lang kami tuwing magkakasalubong, ngayon ay hindi na kami nagpapansinan na tila hindi na namin kilala ang isa’t isa. At ngayong maggagraduate na kami sa 4th year masaya ako sa pagiging salutatorian.
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